Tuesday , 21 January 2020
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Homelife Warranty Protection Discusses Potential Policy Exclusions

HomeLife Warranty Protection offers the most comprehensive home warranty coverage in the Southwest. However, even the most in-depth contract must contain certain exclusions to best protect the warranty provider and keep costs low for customers. In the following interview, residential home warranty specialists from HomeLife Warranty Protection discuss exclusions and homeowner responsibility. Q: Thank you for being with us today. ... Read More »

Vinyl Siding by Morgan Exteriors a Long-Lasting Value

In today’s home improvement interview, we speak with experts at Morgan Exteriors about vinyl siding, and why today’s materials make siding a first-choice among even the most discerning homeowners. Q: Good evening. We appreciate you taking the time to chat with us. Morgan Exteriors: It’s no problem. Q: With springtime upon us, we would like to discuss home improvement projects. ... Read More »

Remodeling Industry Veteran Mark Zokle Discusses Projects that Pay Off

Some home upgrades maintain value in the long-term. Others don’t provide much return on investment. In this interview, Mark Zokle, a marketing and sales expert with over two decades of experience in home repair and remodeling, discusses where to spend and what to spare. Information Nation: Good afternoon, and welcome. We thank you for talking with us today. Mark Zokle: ... Read More »

Bath Planet Out of this World Special Available for Limited Time

Until March 31, 2016, Bath Planet customers can enjoy a free in-home estimate and talk about their decision over dinner. We recently sat down with Bath Planet home improvement experts to find out what all the talk was about. InformatioNation: Thanks for visiting with us today. We’ve been hearing a lot about Bath Planet lately. Bath Planet: Well, we’re certainly ... Read More »

Q & A with Fred Wehba | New Business Development

In today’s interview, Information Nation chats with Fred Wehba, a real estate professional and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Wehba answers questions about developing a business idea and how to get started being your own boss. Information Nation: Thank you for joining us today. Fred Wehba: I am very happy to do it. Information Nation: Let’s get started, ... Read More »

Stephen Edward Samuelian | Skilled Nursing Facilities

At Information Nation, we take pride in speaking to members of the business community who have made a difference in the lives of their fellow men. Stephen Edward Samuelian is just that kind of person and today the founder of Life Generations Healthcare, Covenant Care, Inc., and Utah-based Haven Health Group talks about skilled nursing facilities and when it’s time ... Read More »

China Gaining Ground on U.S. in Newest GDP Rankings


China is poised to overcome the United States as the world’s leading economy, according to the International Comparison Program (ICP). The study dated summer 2014 also revealed that India recently surpassed Japan for third place. The International Comparison Program serves as a part of the World Bank and assesses world economies based on PPP (purchasing power parity), which is defined ... Read More »

Walking While You Work? One Minneapolis Company Allows Employees to Do Just That

At financial services company Salo, video golf games, ping-pong table and foosball tables are provided to employees through creative obstacles. But the most prominent workplace feature at this one-of-a-kind office might surprise you: treadmill desks. Founded in 2011, Salo offers human resource, accounting and senior-level finance professionals around the world. The company has offices in Minneapolis and Chicago, with 330 ... Read More »