Wednesday , 14 April 2021
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20 Interesting Facts About BMW That Might Take You By Surprise

With a lineup of high-performance vehicles that cater to a wide range of markets, BMW is perhaps the most recognized German car manufacturer worldwide. Much has been written about BMW, but even the most avid car enthusiasts might not be entirely familiar with the brand’s long and colorful history. Here, German Performance Options (aka “GPO Tuning”) discusses 20 interesting facts ... Read More »

Bobby Price Discusses Rare Finnish Sports Sedan

The Fisker Karma was unveiled in 2008 at the Detroit Auto Show and was an instant hit. However, Fisker Automotive produced just 2,450 units before the departure of the company’s founder forced its closure, says auto collector Bobby Price. In the following interview, we talk to Bobby Price about Fisker Automotive’s success and immediate demise. Price is one of the ... Read More »

David Slone Believes Roadschooling Offers Valuable Lessons

David Slone

Education doesn’t just happen in a classroom, states David Slone. More and more people these days turn their RVs into a classroom. Several years ago, David Slone and his wife Stacey sold their successful video production business and embarked on a nearly year-long journey by enriching their children’s education through travel. During this time, David Slone worked as a representative ... Read More »