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Bath Planet Out of this World Special Available for Limited Time

Bath PlanetUntil March 31, 2016, Bath Planet customers can enjoy a free in-home estimate and talk about their decision over dinner. We recently sat down with Bath Planet home improvement experts to find out what all the talk was about.

InformatioNation: Thanks for visiting with us today. We’ve been hearing a lot about Bath Planet lately.

Bath Planet: Well, we’re certainly happy to hear that!

IN: We understand you have a very special gift you’re offering with each new estimate?

Bath Planet: Yes! Our 60-60-60 sale has been so popular, we’ve extended the program until the end of March. We’re giving away a $60 gift card when we complete a free in-home estimate.

IN: Really? What’s the catch?

Bath Planet: There’s no catch!

IN: Tell us more about the sale…

Bath Planet: The 60-60-60 Sale is the special promotion we have going right now.  It offers customers a huge percentage — 60% — off installation.

IN: On a new bath tub?

Bath Planet: The promo is good on a new bath or shower.

IN: Ok, so a $60 gift card and 60% off…where does the other 60 come into play?

Bath Planet: Glad you asked; customers can get up to 60 months of financing with this deal!

IN: That sounds like it means low monthly payments.

Bath Planet: Sure does! You won’t find a better value.

IN: Alright, but let’s talk quality. Is this deal good only on “bottom of the barrel” or second run products?

Bath Planet: No way! All of our premium acrylic bath and shower systems are first quality. We won’t sell a factory reject.

IN: What kinds of bath remodeling products does Bath Planet offer?

Bath Planet: First, you need to know that we are owned by BCI Acrylic, Inc. BCI is one of the nation’s leading makers of high-quality bathtubs, bath liners, wall surrounds, shower bases, and shower liners.

IN: Go on…

Bath Planet: We also have senior safety solutions, like barrier-free showers and jetted walk-in tubs.

IN: Design-wise, what are your customer’s options?

Bath Planet: That’s where Bath Planet really shines! We have numerous colors and patterns available that fit into all types of design plans – from a simple modern style to ornate classic architecture.

IN: Tell us about the online Design Studio…

Bath Planet: Our interactive Design Studio lets customers pick and choose their bathroom products, including accessories.

IN: In other words, they can see what their space will look like before they order?

Bath Planet: Yes, exactly. And, if they’d like a better idea of what everything looks like in a real-world setting, we have set up a gallery that showcases each of our product lines.

IN: That sounds like fun. We’re out of time now, so maybe our readers can take a moment to check that out if you’ll tell us where to find you.

Bath Planet: They can visit 24/7!


  1. I am so glad I had a chance to get in on this special. 60% off installation is pretty amazing. My bathroom looks better than I could’ve imagined and my wife is really happy that she doesn’t have to clean every day anymore. I would suggest Bath Planet to anyone looking to add a little more convenience to their lives. We chose a sandbar colored tub with travertine walls (with the subway pattern) and it was honestly the best home-improvement decision we’ve ever made.

    • Bath Planet Customer Service

      Thank you for those lovely comments. We are truly pleased that you have enjoyed your new bathroom so far. Don’t forget, we offer a limited lifetime warranty so feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns.

  2. I really appreciate that Bath Planet offers financing. When my wife and I first got married last year, we did not have the money to remodel our little house. The bathroom was in really bad shape so I actually went to the hardware store to get one of those do-it-yourself bathtub painting kits. A contractor happen to be in the same aisle and told me to call Bath Planet instead. I’m glad I did because my sister wound up using the painting set and she not only had to leave her house for the day but it peeled off after two weeks.

    • Bath Planet Customer Service

      We have heard horror stories like that before. One of the most dangerous thing about DIY home improvement projects is the possibility of coming into contact with harmful chemicals or, worse, toxic mold and mildew hidden in the walls. We thank you for choosing Bath Planet.

  3. I have been trying to come up with a solution that would let my grandmother stay in her home. It says here that Bath Planet offers “senior safety solutions.” Would I be able to get a shower seat with a walk-in shower? She is in a wheelchair most of the time but could move from her chair to the shower by herself. I need something quickly before my dad moves her to a nursing home.

    • Bath Planet Customer Service

      Please give us a call at 877.922.8475. One of our sales consultants would be happy to talk with you about your needs and what we could do to make your grandmother’s bathroom a safe haven for relaxation and hygiene. Thank you for choosing Bath Planet.

  4. OMG! I just checked out design studio on the bath planet website and I have to say it’s almost as fun as any video game I played as a child. Now if I could only make my bathroom look like what I have on the screen, I would be in good shape.

    • Bath Planet Customer Service

      You can! Every color and pattern available on our design studio is available for installation in your home. While we can’t help you paint, one of our design consultants can suggest a color palette to suit your individual needs. PS. We agree completely about the design studio. While we were testing it out, it was hard to get ourselves motivated to do anything else!

  5. English is not my first language so I was worry that communication would be a problem. I call and talked to Paul (in San Antonio). He got another nice man phone that spoke Spanish and we were able to schedule a design person to come. My bath looks real good. I will slowly get my house into its best shape. Thank you Mr. Paul at Bath Planet.

    • Bath Planet Customer Service

      We’re very happy to hear that your local Bath Planet was able to work with you so nicely. We will be sure to share your comments with Mr. Dietzler. We hope that wherever you live in the future, you will give us the chance to make your bathroom your favorite room in the house.

  6. Bath Planet is a pretty well-known name throughout the Midwest. It’s unusual nowadays for a company to actually use USA labor. For that, I have always used Bath Planet whenever I needed to remodel one of my rental units. BCI Acrylic is an amazing company and I was really happy to hear that they recently expanded and moved to Libertyville.

    • Bath Planet Customer Service

      BCI (and Bath Planet) take pride in being an American owned company. We believe that great products can only be made under the supervision of great leadership. BCI’s recent expansion is just another milestone that our parent company is proud to have crossed. Thank you for choosing Bath Planet.

  7. I can’t remember where but somewhere I saw that different Bath Planets had different specials in different areas. I do have a couple of questions. Do all Bath Planets offer financing? Do you have a military discount?

    • Bath Planet Customer Service

      Thanks for asking. Those are some great questions. Yes, we offer financing at the corporate level, so we can help you no matter which Bath Planet franchise you are closest to. Military and senior discounts are at the discretion of the dealer, but most offer some type of discount or special financing. We would love the opportunity to help you reclaim your bathroom.

  8. What kind of accessories does Bath Planet offer? I have been looking at one of the other bath places in town and they just don’t have what I am looking for? What I really want is a dark bronze. Not really a shiny metal, but something that contrasts well and makes a statement on a cream/almond color tub and wall combo.

    • Bath Planet Customer Service

      We offer almost every in-bath/shower accessory that you could need. Whether you are looking for corner caddies, full shelves, soap dishes, grab bars, or faucets. We even have dark antique bronze shower heads and faucets. Our full line of accessories can be found on our website ( Check out the design studio, many pieces are available to view there. You can mix and match your colors, patterns, and designs until you find the right combination for your tastes.

  9. I have been considering calling Bath Planet for a few years. Well, last night my (apparently) cheap plastic-y walls started falling off. We aren’t using the bathroom until it’s fixed. I plan to get in contact with you all tomorrow. Who should I call?

    • Bath Planet Customer Service

      We are sorry to hear about your current troubles but are very excited that you’ve chosen bath Planet. Check our website at to find a location nearest you. While you are there, make sure to click the tab for our current specials. We also offer financing to make things a little easier on you in the short term. You can also call 877.922.8475 to speak with an agent. Thank you.

  10. Hey! I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” to Bath Planet for the $60 gift card. We were able to use it at a neat little place downtown and eat a very nice gourmet meal for around $75 (it would have been well over $125 without the card. Also, we are still LOVING our bathroom. It’s been 8 months and it still looks like new. We’ve only had to soap it down once to remove a little hard water buildup.

    Thanks again!

    • Bath Planet Customer Service

      We are very happy to hear that you are enjoying your new bathroom and that you were able to treat yourself to something nice. There is something to be said for a good meal that you don’t have to cook! Thank you for choosing Bath Planet.

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