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Gregory J. Daniels DDS Offers Dental Appliances as Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea


Gregory J. Daniels DDS and the team at Hinsdale Dentist provide cosmetic and general dentistry to patients in the greater Chicago area.  Throughout his tenure in Hinsdale, Gregory J. Daniels DDS has not only cleaned, fixed, and maintained teeth, he has also helped people sleep better at night.  In the following Q&A, Gregory J. Daniels DDS discusses obstructive sleep apnea ... Read More »

Founder Paul Savramis on the Success of Rising Stars Sports Camps


According to Rising Stars founder Paul Savramis, the success of children’s summer camps is founded on a diverse range of activities. Paul Savramis observes that adding a new sport or two into his basketball camps has kept children engaged and has improved retention for his popular program. After receiving a degree in physical education, Paul Savramis put his knowledge to ... Read More »

Dennis Wong on Cycling as One Step Toward Good Health


After leading a sedentary lifestyle for several years, Dennis Wong of YOR Health was alarmed when a routine checkup uncovered a series of health issues. Dennis Wong knew that he had to do something drastic in order to change his life. For Dennis Wong, cycling proved to be a key element in a newly formed exercise routine. Q: Have things ... Read More »

Richard E. Dover on How Communities Benefit From Architectural Preservation


Saving and stabilizing neighborhoods has been a hallmark of Richard E. Dover and Family Pride Corporation’s work for more than 20 years. Inner-city rehab and historic projects have played a major role in his career. Richard E. Dover and Family Pride Corporation have targeted structures for redevelopment, thus improving neighborhoods all over the country. According to Richard E. Dover, preserving ... Read More »

Bonaventure Senior Living Residents Stay Connected With Blogs

Needlepoint, shuffleboard and bingo aren’t the only fun activities residents of Bonaventure Senior Living communities engage in. Several Bonaventure Senior Living residents consider blogs their new leisure-time option. At Bonaventure Senior Living communities, residents say their latest hobby gives them “a voice in a society often deaf to the wisdom of the elderly.” Olive Riley wouldn’t let a thing like ... Read More »