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Nunavut: A Unique and Exotic Destination within Arm’s Reach

Untamed, unspoiled, and undiscovered.  If you love adventure, travel, and unique getaways that are a world away; but a whole world closer than you’ve ever imagined, keep reading, because that place is called Nunavut.  It’s one of the most pristine places on the planet; and an immense region in Canada’s northern boundaries.  O2 Media ™ is happy to welcome Colleen ... Read More »

David Slone Believes Roadschooling Offers Valuable Lessons

David Slone

Education doesn’t just happen in a classroom, states David Slone. More and more people these days turn their RVs into a classroom. Several years ago, David Slone and his wife Stacey sold their successful video production business and embarked on a nearly year-long journey by enriching their children’s education through travel. During this time, David Slone worked as a representative ... Read More »

Casa Sandoval Offers Advice for Encouraging Senior Family Members to Accept Care

Casa Sandoval

  Casa Sandoval provides assisted and independent living residences and onsite programs to encourage healthy, active lifestyles for all its residents.  Serving older adults since 1995, Casa Sandoval understands that seniors may resist entering a care facility for a myriad of reasons, including major feelings of loss that include loss of independence, loss of mobility, loss of ownership of their ... Read More »

Robert Ferguson Discusses FitPro for Proper Nutrition


Well, here’s a question for you: Are you getting enough protein and calcium in your diet?  Well, we are all about to find out, right now.  Joining The Balancing Act Lifetime is Robert Ferguson, of Diet Free Life. A leading voice for weight loss and living diet free, he’s here to talk to The Balancing Act Lifetime about protein and ... Read More »

Information Nation Interview: JustFab Offers the Latest Fashion Trends


JustFab is a wildly popular online retailer, offering VIP members exclusive access to the hottest fashion trends in shoes, denim, handbags, and accessories at reasonable prices.  Since 2010, JustFab has grown to over 10 million monthly subscribers who are hungry for celebrity style, but don’t want to break the bank.  In the following interview, JustFab dishes about some of the ... Read More »

Jazz Across the USA: The Best Festivals and Events

Jazz is one of the oldest forms of popular music in the world. Not surprisingly, it still has millions of devoted fans who seek out the best places to hear that unique blend of saxophones, guitars, drums, and soulful vocals that many other genres of music just can’t match. For American jazz fans, there’s never a shortage of places to ... Read More »