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Dennis Wong on Cycling as One Step Toward Good Health

After leading a sedentary lifestyle for several years, Dennis Wong of YOR Health was alarmed when a routine checkup uncovered a series of health issues. Dennis Wong knew that he had to do something drastic in order to change his life. For Dennis Wong, cycling proved to be a key element in a newly formed exercise routine.

Q: Have things improved since beginning your fitness program?

Dennis Wong: Absolutely! My life has turned around dramatically since that original appointment.

Q: What do you think is the best way for most people to attain good health?

Dennis Wong: Overall health relies heavily on a well-considered balance of exercise and nutrition.

Q: What roles have you observed exercise to play in this equation?

Dennis Wong: For many Americans, nutrition is the main part of the struggle. However, exercise is essential for those who lead sedentary lifestyles.

Q: Why is cycling such a popular form of exercise for many people?

Dennis Wong: Well I can only speak for myself personally. I’ve found cycling to be a great low-impact exercise that improves cardiovascular health and strengthens bones and muscles.

Q: Is cycling an individual or a group activity?

Dennis Wong: Both. Group cycling events are particularly enjoyable, with each cyclist encouraging the others to be at their absolute best during the ride.

Q: What’s a typical day on the bike like?

Dennis Wong: A typical day might involve approximately an hour and a half to two hours on the bike for more serious cyclists.

Q: How about beginners?

Dennis Wong: Beginners should take the early stages at a slower pace and focus on maintaining good form throughout the ride.

Q: Is the cyclist’s routine different depending on the day?

Dennis Wong: That really depends. On some days teams will attack a mountain with vertical climb that measures 3,000 feet or more.

Q: That sounds like a painful trek.

Dennis Wong: It is. The mountain path provides quite a challenge for most cyclists.

Q: How can you change up the routine?

Dennis Wong: On some days, teams will embark upon fast, relatively flat rides with dozens of other cyclists.

Q: Wow…what’s that feeling like?

Dennis Wong: It’s such a rush riding with a whole swarm of cyclists who are encouraging each other to finish with a personal-best time.

Q: Do you find it helps to go cycling with a group?

Dennis Wong: Yes, certainly. Since competitive cycling is a group activity, the amount of positive energy is really quite astounding.

Q: Friends and family members can get involved as well…?

Dennis Wong: That’s so true. Riding with loved ones will only add to the enjoyment and give everyone a wealth of happy memories.

Q: Is it hard to maintain that schedule?

Dennis Wong: It’s difficult to feel satisfied on days with no exercise. Cycling has provided many riders a certain sense of balance and purpose.

Q: How does someone fight off feelings of laziness and fatigue?

Dennis Wong: It’s natural on occasion to feel fatigue, along with general aches and pains. But really–a positive attitude can overcome almost anything!

Dennis Wong co-founded the nutritional products company YOR Health, encouraging numerous Americans to take charge of their health through diet and exercise Dennis Wong says that his greatest joy springs from seeing clients achieve their fitness goals. For more information, go online to



  1. I have always wanted to get into biking… Are there groups and clubs that I can join without years of experience or expensive equipment? – Lee Brandon

    • Hi, Lee – Most cities have several cycling clubs. You can check online at for links to local competitive cycling groups. I’d also suggest your local church, civic organizations, or a bicycle shop. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, you can always start your own! Good luck, I know you will enjoy! – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  2. My question is directed to Dennis Wong. YOR Health has challenge groups for weight loss and muscle building…could I use cycling as a workout during the next YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge? – Anna Mendoza

    • Anna – of course you can. Our challengers are encouraged to do any type of physical activity that they enjoy. And, if you can connect with other YOR Health members near you, we’d love to see a picture of the group together… – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  3. What kinds of competitive biking programs are there? – Alan DeGraaf

    • There are many different types of cycle programs including mountain bike racing, track cycling, road cycle racing, time trialling, cyclo-cross, and BMX. Bicycle racing is even recognized as an official Olympic sport. The first bike race took place back in 1868 – when people still used wooden tires!
      Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  4. I want to first say hello to Mr. Dennis Wong. YOR Health has been a part of my routine for the last three years and I have never felt better. I’d also like to ask if you have any suggestions on how to encourage a child to take part in a physical activity, such as cycling? – Nancy Mangrum

    • That’s a great question, Nancy. I would first say that any activity has to be fun. Don’t make it a chore. Give your child something to look forward to at the end of your ride. You could go to a local park and park your vehicle on one end and let them ride their bicycles to the playground on the other. Let them have a choice on the type of equipment, whether it’s just letting them pick out their own bicycle or a special color helmet and pads.
      – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  5. I had never biked before I read this a few weeks ago. I was actually looking for information about Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and his previous career in real estate. I, too, am a Chinese-American immigrant and had heard his story. I am glad I came across this article because my wife and I are now biking every evening. It’s only a few miles but we both feel better and have been spending more time together.
    – Alex Liu

    • I am so glad to hear that you’ve been inspired to try cycling. Keep it up and soon those few miles will turn in to all-day adventures. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  6. Isn’t it dangerous to cycle in a large group? – Clark Venable

    • Not unless somebody makes a sudden stop! I have actually found that it’s safer to bike with a group of companions. Not only are you encouraged to keep moving and stay upright but being in a group is much safer than riding alone – especially if you are in an area that you’re unfamiliar with.
      – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  7. How can I find out information on mountain biking trails? I have been cycling for a while and am ready to take the next step. I also want to say thank you to Dennis Wong. YOR Health has been huge in my life and I am so glad that I am actually healthy enough to bike these days. – Conner Romain

    • I’d start with They have thousands of trails listed and offer information about each such as length, incline, terrain, and accessibility. I was browsing the other day and found a really neat raised trail in Boone, North Carolina. I hope I get the chance to visit soon. Happy biking and thank you! – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  8. Celeste Davis-Hargrove

    You are quite an inspiration Dennis Wong. YOR Health has made such a difference in my life. I read all of your interviews and am so grateful that you took a stand against your own bad health and decided to share your story – and YOR Health’s products – with the world. – Celeste Davis-Hargrove

    • I am honored that you feel that way and, believe me, I’m glad that I had the wake-up call I did. Living with poor health is not something I would wish on anyone. Thank you for your kind words.
      – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  9. What are the health benefits of competitive cycling? – Laura Lazlo

    • Whether you cycle competitively or just for fun, riding has a host of health benefits. The act of moving both feet in unison helps with coordination and balance and also pumps blood to the heart, improving your circulatory system. Cycling helps you relax and is known to reduce anxiety and depression. Since you also have to sit with proper posture, cycling also helps with back pain.
      – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  10. Hi, Dennis! So glad to see you are still working toward improving your health! I just want to know… how did you get into cycling? – John Friedman

    • Hi, John – it’s great to hear from you. I discovered cycling several years ago when I was looking for something fun that would help me get out of the house. Living in California, there is an amazing variety of bike trails to explore. I can’t imagine my life without two wheels anymore. I’ve gotten to see places and meet people that I otherwise wouldn’t have.
      – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

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