Sunday , 16 June 2019
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More Seniors Enter into Entrepreneurship


Q: Why are seniors choosing to pursue entrepreneurship? A: A number of necessary changes have encouraged more seniors to exist independently in the business world. The potential cut-off of Social Security benefits is one development that has worried seniors. Other events such as job layoffs, decreasing 401(k) accounts and age discrimination also play a factor. Although entrepreneurship can seem like ... Read More »

A Conversation with Wesley Upchurch about LAN Gaming Centers

Wesley Upchurch

Today we talk to Wesley Upchurch of Gunther’s Games about LAN gaming centers. Wesley Upchurch is excited about this new technology. Information Nation: I’m sure you had plenty of options to consider when you were initially setting up Gunther’s Games. Wesley Upchurch: Yes, we had several game plans to choose from. It was the idea of a LAN gaming center ... Read More »