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Backyard Chickens: The New Urban Trend for Organic Food

In recent years, there’s been a trend toward raising chickens at home – even suburban backyards can be host to a chicken habitat! The payoff comes in fresh, healthy, nutritious eggs that hav- lower cholesterol and more vitamin E, beta-carotene and omega-3’s than factory-farmed eggs. However, if you’re going to raise chickens for either meat or eggs, there are a ... Read More »

Thaddeus Heffner LMFT – God: The First Great Therapist

“Having now reached mid-life,” says Thaddeus Heffner, “it is safe for me to say that I have experienced a few things, and maybe know a little more than I did when I was nineteen years old.  Not much more, but a little.” Through these past four decades, Thaddeus Heffner has occasionally come across people of faith who have an aversion ... Read More »

Making Your Life Count – How to Find More Hours in the Day

Life is a real juggling act that requires a lot of personal strength and determination to be successful.  As you probably already know, the most successful people accomplish a lot every day, without becoming overwhelmed and overstressed.  Here are a few tips to help business professionals gain control of life and get ahead. 1:  Prioritize Make daily task lists and ... Read More »

Marketing Associates Brings Years of Experience to the Table for Marketing Clients

Marketing Associates has a team that boasts twenty years of experience in providing assistance to businesses. This assistance includes marketing, which is imperative to a business’s success. As budgets have shrunk, Marketing Associates has found many companies are realizing the importance of marketing campaigns to long-term success. Complicating matters is the fact that marketing trends change at the whim of ... Read More »

Entrepreneur Tiffani Von Alvensleben Recalls Being Pushed Into Success By Husband

Tiffani Von Alvensleben

“It was like shock therapy! I was horrible,” says Tiffani Von Alvensleben about her first experience speaking to a crowd. Here, Tiffani Von Alvensleben recalls how her husband and business partner literally walked out on her, making her a better leader and businesswomen. InformatioNation: Good morning, Tiffani Von Alvensleben, welcome to InformatioNation. We have a lot of young professionals reading ... Read More »

Pete Spittler: How Sustainable Development Can Beat Overpopulation

Pete Spittler

As our planet becomes more populated, architect Pete Spittler believes sustainable development will become more important than ever. Currently, the world population grows by an astounding amount of people every year. Pete Spittler notes that by the year 2025, this means our planet is expected to contain eight billion people—two billion more than there are today. According to Pete Spittler, ... Read More »

Women’s Healthcare Expert Marla Ahlgrimm Answers Questions About HRT

Marla Ahlgrimm

  Marla Ahlgrimm fields questions regarding hormone replacement therapies and their inclusion in the effective treatment of PMS, perimenopause, and menopause. Q. Is HRT therapy right for all women? Marla Ahlgrimm: Not necessarily; some women may have other factors that spur their discomfort. Q. Do all women receive the same dosage or combination of replacement hormones? Marla Ahlgrimm: No, each ... Read More »

Carmack Moving and Storage FAQ – Avoiding Stressful Moves

Carmack Moving and Storage

Are short moves as hard as long? Will I have time to get settled? When should I call a moving company? Carmack Moving and Storage answers these questions and more. Q. What causes moving-related stress? Carmack Moving and Storage: Many people find the task overwhelming and that in and of itself can create anxiety. Q. What can I do to ... Read More »