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Deer Fencing: What You Need To Know Before You Buy

Straight Shooter Game FencingIf you own land, whether you have a large farm or just a family vegetable garden, you no doubt want to know how to make your property deer resistant. The answer is deer fencing. But what is it? Keep reading for the answer. We’ve recently been in contact with Alabama’s premier deer fence installer Straight Shooter Game Fencing, and we found out quite a bit.

What Deer Fencing Does

Deer fencing is a type of high fence that keeps deer and other animals out of an area. Likewise, it may be used to contain some animals in their designated location. One of the main benefits for humans is that it virtually eliminates the need to apply toxic chemicals to your property. Not only do you not have to use chemical deterrents, but you will run less of a chance of encountering a disease-prone deer tick. This is especially important if you have children or pets.

Before You Buy

While you can pick up deer fencing materials at the hardware store, you are almost always better off calling a company like Straight Shooter Game Fencing. Because the company is a supplier for many of the most trusted names in the fencing industry, you are guaranteed to get a quality product. And if you have many acres of land, Straight Shooter Game Fencing can install your deer fence for you.

If you plan to do it yourself, you should know that deer fencing must be at least 8 feet tall. This is because deer are surprisingly nimble for their size, and can easily hop over a standard privacy fence. Straight Shooter Game Fencing offers high-tensile wire fencing that will not buckle or bend if hit by a jumping deer.

When you install a deer fence, you must allow for slack. Although their preferred order of entry is to go vertically, some deer will crawl under a fence if there is no gap. And if you are trying to prevent predators from entering a chicken coop, for example, you will want to use an installation method that provides a predator apron. Straight Shooter Game Fencing has decades of experience with predator aprons as well as water gaps if you happen to have a stream, creek, or pond on your property.

Fencing Materials

Although there are many types of fence available, high-tensile wire mesh is the most effective. Straight Shooter Game Fencing utilizes fencing materials explicitly designed to withstand an impact. The company explains that this is crucial for long lines of fence. Impact-resistant fencing can also handle the excess weight of things like fallen trees, meaning that it likely will not be torn down in a storm. 

Natural Deer Deterrents

If you only have a small home vegetable garden to protect, you may consider deer fencing an unsightly addition to your landscape. In this case, Straight Shooter Game Fencing recommends using a natural deer deterrent. There are many options that will not put your children or pets in danger.

Rotten egg spray is one of the most effective. This utilizes three eggs, some garlic, cayenne pepper, and yogurt. These items are mixed together and left out for several days. This putrid mixture may then be sprayed around the perimeter of your garden. Red hot chili spray is another alternative to deer fencing. Keep in mind, however, that these are not an option for large areas. Agricultural operations, game preserves, and other multi-acre properties typically do not have the manpower to keep these areas saturated around-the-clock.

About Straight Shooter Game Fencing

Straight Shooter Game Fencing is based in Tuscumbia, Alabama. With more than 1000 miles of fencing under their belts, nearly 40 years of experience, and 20 years in business, Straight Shooter Game Fencing is one of the nation’s most experienced and trusted deer fence installers. For more information, visit them online at