Sunday , 28 February 2021
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Jazz Across the USA: The Best Festivals and Events

Jazz is one of the oldest forms of popular music in the world. Not surprisingly, it still has millions of devoted fans who seek out the best places to hear that unique blend of saxophones, guitars, drums, and soulful vocals that many other genres of music just can’t match. For American jazz fans, there’s never a shortage of places to ... Read More »

The Balancing Act on Lifetime with Mario Lopez

The following segment aired on “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime Television. Joining the show were Mario Lopez and his mother to discuss the Boys and Girls Club. The Balancing Act: Well, you may know our next guest for the smile, those dimples, who could forget those dimples, right, the dancing and the hosting skills. But, Mario Lopez is known for more than just his good looks or his job. Mario also gives back to his community and organizations all across this country. This morning, Mario and his beautiful mom, Elvia, join “The Balancing Act” from Glendale, California to talk about how to give a very special gift this holiday season. All right, so this is a project that you and your mom have teamed up to work on together. How special is that? Read More »