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Monthly Archives: August 2012 How a Credit Score is Determined

The team at fields many questions from clients regarding the credit process. Specifically, reports that clients are curious about what factors go into determining his or her credit score, and what steps to take in order to repair any issues that may have arisen. The first step to understanding how to repair one’s credit is to get a ... Read More »

American Medical Student Association

Kyle Thomas Glasser

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) bears its roots from the 1950 and it is located in Washington D.C. this means it is the oldest self-governing organization of students pursing medicine within the United States. Today, AMSA has over 6,000 members who are medical students, premedical students, student interns, medical citizens and even practicing medical professionals within the country. This is a highly esteemed organization which aims to expose medical students to subjects and information that is not necessarily covered in the normal curricula. This organization is not sponsored by any pharmaceutical company but rather works with an aim to improve the medical field. Read More »

Anticipating the Impact of Global Trends

At FXDD we don’t claim to be able to see the future, but we do pay special attention to global trends as they are developing, and strive to provide insight that you may not receive from other Forex brokers. We don’t have a crystal ball, but at FXDD, we do understand that the right approach can make all the difference ... Read More »

Information Nation: When it Comes to Shampoo, Less is Better

Americans wash their hair on average of just under 5 times a week (which is twice the amount of Italians and Spaniards) and that’s a problem, according to dermatologists. Washing hair too often can rob it of vital nutrients and ultimately damage it. So, the question is what would American’s shampoo habits be like if the New York Times hadn’t ... Read More »