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BentleyForbes Encourages CEOs to be Considerate, Compassionate Leaders


The leadership of BentleyForbes has had the opportunity to share a lesson or two during the company’s two-decade history. In order to provide an encouraging environment, BentleyForbes management spends ample time with employees to ensure that their needs are met. Here, BentleyForbes shares insight into this special relationship and how it might apply to other companies. Information Nation: Thank you ... Read More »

Kris Krohn on the Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth

Kris Krohn

Kris Krohn is a wealth strategist who leads the Strongbrook Group, a real estate investing and education firm located in Orem, Utah. His position within the Strongbook Group allows Kris Krohn the opportunity to assist both individuals and businesses alike. Not only does Kris Krohn provide one-on-one real estate counseling through his company, he and his colleagues also hold regular ... Read More »

Scott Safadi Is Revolutionizing Property Management in Silicon Valley

Scott Safadi

Scott Safadi is the president of Cal Bay Property Management (CBPM) located in Palo Alto, Calif. Scott Safadi graduated from Dartmouth College in 2003 and moved to Saratoga, Calif., where he began working in property management. Scott Safadi founded CBPM in 2009 and then proceeded to revolutionize the property management business in Silicon Valley. Scott Safadi holds a CCRM (California ... Read More »

Travis Jones of Rush Properties on Rising Home Prices in Johnson County

Travis Jones Rush Properties

Kansas-based homebuyer Travis Jones of Rush Properties has noted a significant spike in home prices since the economic recovery began. Here, Travis Jones of Rush Properties talks to us about the advantages of buying now and why market confidence continues to rise. Information Nation: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Travis Jones, Rush Properties: It’s ... Read More »

Larry Starr, Sarasota Area Businessman, on Commercial Real Estate in Southwest Florida


The Larry Starr Sarasota based commercial real estate company, Sperry Van Ness | Commercial Advisory Group, is a commercial real estate brokerage firm serving Sarasota and surrounding counties. In this brief Q&A, Managing Director, Larry Starr, explains the services offered by this commercial real estate firm. Q: What types of clients does Sperry Van Ness | Commercial Advisory Group primarily ... Read More »

Entrepreneur Tiffani Von Alvensleben Recalls Being Pushed Into Success By Husband

Tiffani Von Alvensleben

“It was like shock therapy! I was horrible,” says Tiffani Von Alvensleben about her first experience speaking to a crowd. Here, Tiffani Von Alvensleben recalls how her husband and business partner literally walked out on her, making her a better leader and businesswomen. InformatioNation: Good morning, Tiffani Von Alvensleben, welcome to InformatioNation. We have a lot of young professionals reading ... Read More »

J. Kale Flagg Talks about Superheroes

J. Kale Flagg

J. Kale Flagg believes in superheroes…not the caped kind with super powers, but the kind of people who rise above the ordinary in their aspirations and their execution and follow-through. With over twenty years in the business world, Yale graduate J. Kale Flagg has seen what separates the successful from the ordinary. Today J. Kale Flagg answers a few questions ... Read More »

James Stuckey Shares Insight on the Former Russian Trade and Cultural Center

Long before James Stuckey founded Verdant Properties, LLC®, he served as the Managing Director for Gronich & Co., where he conceived a deal he recalls fondly to this day. Today, Information Nation speaks with James Stuckey about the Russian Trade and Cultural Center, which was appropriately located in the World Trade Center. Information Nation: Thank you for taking this time ... Read More »