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Tips for Traveling with Pets

Pets are part of the family, yet when it comes to taking a trip, it can be tough to make arrangements for your furry friends. Kennels are pricey and confine your animals to a small cage for the time you’re gone. A house-sitter is even more expensive and requires trusting a stranger with a key to your house. Another option ... Read More »

Why Radio and Direct Media Power are a Winning Combination

Direct Media Power

  Direct Media Power knows that in the current economy, businesses are looking for an inexpensive but effective way to get the word out. And, for a small fee, Direct Media Power gives their clients personalized one-on-one service that yields almost immediate results. Founder Dean Tucci answers some questions about the powerful synergism of Direct Media Power and radio. Q: ... Read More »

Donald Leon Farrow on the Basics of Photo Composition

Donald Leon Farrow

Donald Leon Farrow is a freelance photographer, having perfected the craft over many years. As a nurse anesthetist of the greatest detail, he applies a practical approach to photography, with a full understanding of composition, lighting, and creative design. This approach has given Donald Leon Farrow the ability to take great pictures. But while lighting and mechanics are the technical ... Read More »

Instant Tax Solutions Speaks About Unpaid Business Taxes

As specialists in tax debt relief, Instant Tax Solutions sees business owners who run into trouble with the IRS due to back payroll taxes or other payroll tax related issues. Recently Information Nation spoke with Instant Tax Solutions about this very important issue. Information Nation:Thank you for speaking with us today. Instant Tax Solutions:Our pleasure. Information Nation:What happens when businesses ... Read More »

O2 Media™ Gets the Message Out

O2 Media™ offers an unrivaled menu of direct response and branded entertainment options for clients across the nation. With a 43,000 square foot production studio located in sunny Pompano Beach, Florida, O2 Media™ is positioned for filming television segments both in and outdoors. Their tapeless filming methods mean faster editing and direct server backup, allowing their clients a remarkably fast ... Read More »

Brenda Lee Reed Answers Questions About Sports Drinks

Brenda Lee Reed

Most of us believe that sports drinks are actually good for us, and certainly better than soft drinks.  But are they?  Health and wellness expert Brenda Lee Reed is here to explain. Information Nation: Good afternoon. Thank you for joining us today. Let’s get started. Sports drinks have become very popular lately. What are these drinks made of? Brenda Lee ... Read More »

Jeffrey Kale Flagg Offers Advice to Sales Managers

Jeffrey Kale Flagg

It’s crunch time and you need to pep talk to your sales team. Jeffrey Kale Flagg says that sometimes, it is what you don’t say that motivates others to perform. Jeffrey Kale Flagg asks, “How many times have you heard your kids say, ‘Watch me! Watch this! Look at me!’” And while watching, did you smile and give positive reinforcement? ... Read More »

Paul Savramis Offers Academic Support through Rising Stars

Paul Savramis

Paul Savramis has always stressed the importance of education to the Rising Stars participants. Over the years, Rising Stars has worked hard to put this mantra into action, with Paul Savramis and the organization setting up several programs geared toward assisting students with their learning goals. Paul Savramis answers some questions about Rising Stars’ academic support programs below. Q: If ... Read More »