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Homelife Warranty Protection Discusses Potential Policy Exclusions

HomeLife Warranty ProtectionHomeLife Warranty Protection offers the most comprehensive home warranty coverage in the Southwest. However, even the most in-depth contract must contain certain exclusions to best protect the warranty provider and keep costs low for customers. In the following interview, residential home warranty specialists from HomeLife Warranty Protection discuss exclusions and homeowner responsibility.

Q: Thank you for being with us today. For our reader’s benefit, could you describe what services HomeLife Warranty Protection offers?  

HomeLife Warranty Protection: We are a home warranty provider. This means we offer homeowners policies to help offset the costs associated with unexpected repairs or replacement for their covered home appliances or systems.

Q: Which appliances and systems are covered?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: That depends upon the HomeLife Warranty Protection product coverage package purchased. Our Basic Product Coverage includes the electrical and plumbing system along with the oven and range, dishwasher, trash compactor, garage door opener, and central vacuum system.

Q: What about the HVAC unit?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: We do offer heating and cooling system coverage through our Prestige Product Package.

Q: Does HomeLife Warranty Protection offer optional coverages for items above and beyond those in the Basic and Prestige packages?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Yes, our Elite package is an add-on policy that covers items not noted in the standard packages. We additionally offer separate coverage options for the refrigerator, pool and spa, sprinkler system, septic system, and other systems and appliances.

Q: Does a home warranty cover every potential breakdown?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: No, there are a few exclusions. Most home warranty service request denials stem from systems with pre-existing conditions.

Q: How can a policyholder know if a problem will be covered or not?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Systems and appliances that have been well maintained and documented will likely be covered. However, an air-conditioning unit that has not been serviced for five years, for example, may cause the break down and that failure, potentially may not be covered, depending on how bad the dirt and debris build-up is. It’s not only the duration of time without maintenance but the area in which the home resides, with some areas accumulating dirt and dust faster than others. That’s why getting them checked twice a year alleviates any concern of dirt and maintenance issues.  

Q: Is a home warranty really worth the money if it doesn’t cover all appliance failures?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Absolutely. A home warranty should be considered an added layer of protection for homeowners who treat their homes and property with diligence and respect. Unexpected breakdowns happen, and that’s where home warranty policy really makes a difference.  Generally, it will cost you $150-$400 per month over a long period for ALL maintenance and repairs of the home. This amount depends on size, age and value of the home including the painting, roofs and upkeep costs on the home. So paying $30-$100 per month for a home warranty, which only covers home systems and appliances, is contributing to the overall strategy of the required $150-$400 per month for the normal long term cost of ownership.  

Q: How much do your packages cost per month?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Our Packages begin at a monthly cost of $24.50 and can go up to $90 per month or more depending on type of structure and coverage. Again, what you spend for the home warranty will actually decrease the total home cost of ownership with your money working for you to save even more than you would have.

Q: Who is responsible for determining whether an item is covered?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: We utilize a network of approved contractors who are not employees of or related to HomeLife Warranty Protection. These experts offer their unbiased professional opinion.

Q: What happens when a homeowner doesn’t agree?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Policyholders are welcome to email or call our service request department who will help them determine if a second opinion is necessary. Homeowners can also decide to get their own second opinion at their own cost.

Q: Can I choose my own contractor?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Absolutely. We only require you to speak with the service request department for prior approval and proper process instructions.

Q: Once I purchase my warranty, are there any other fees I am responsible for?

HomeLife Warranty Protection: Trade item fees are required to generate a service request and the homeowner is responsible for any costs outside of those listed on their coverage plan.


  1. Do HomeLife Warranty Protection service contracts offer the same level of protection as a homeowners insurance?

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection

      Great question! No, they are actually two different types of protection. Typical homeowners insurance offers coverage for damage caused by fires, lightning strikes, windstorms and hail. However, damage caused by earthquakes, floods, and mold are not typically covered by homeowners insurance.

      A home warranty is an annual service contract that provides protection on covered systems or appliances that fail due to normal wear and tear. Covered items are repaired or replaced, subject to a small trade item fee. Items available for coverage typically include: central air conditioning systems, central heating systems, plumbing system, electrical system, kitchen appliances, clothes washer and dryer, and roof leaks. Many of these items are included in the standard plan of the warranty.

  2. I recently purchased a HomeLife Warranty Protection plan (basic package). I don’t have a central vacuum cleaner. Will it cover my regular vacuum?

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection

      Your policy does not cover small appliances, such as a standard or canister vacuum cleaner. However, depending on the brand that you’ve purchased, you may be entitled to a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

  3. I think it’s really cool that HomeLife Warranty Protection offers coverage for home air-conditioning systems. Things are so darn expensive!!!!!

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection

      They absolutely are. On average, HVAC systems cost between $4,000 and $12,000 depending on the size and brand. They are one of the more expensive repair/replacement items in your home and we are happy to offer that coverage through our Prestige Product Package.

  4. What does it mean that HomeLife Warranty Protection does not cover appliance failures due to pre-existing conditions? I don’t understand.

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection

      A pre-existing condition, just like auto insurance, simply refers to any breakdown, malfunction, or condition that existed previously to the effective date. For example, if your air conditioner coils were never cleaned and maintained, and it fails due to air restriction to the compressor, then that would not be covered. Any system that is not maintained properly is excluded from coverage.

  5. In response to the most recent comment: HomeLife Warranty Protection had to deny a claim when my air-conditioning system stopped working. I don’t remember exactly what was wrong with it, but I know that it had not been serviced in a couple years. I was a little frustrated then, but when the customer service rep explained to me that these systems have to be serviced regularly, just like a car, it made more sense. We bought a new AC unit and have it checked out at least twice a year.

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection

      Honestly, we hate to deny claims, especially in the heat of summer on AC units. Unfortunately, it’s the reality of the business and we are so happy that you understand the importance of taking care of your equipment which maximizes the protection of your warranty.

  6. I had no idea that home maintenance is really that expensive. Crunching those numbers, HomeLife Warranty Protection policy actually makes sense. I never thought I would want to buy extra coverage. Too much $$$…

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection

      Did you know that over the long term the average house costs $300-$500 per month for all upkeep, repairs and maintenance? You are absolutely right that, from a financial standpoint, spending a few hundred dollars up front makes a lot more sense than coming out of pocket several thousand dollars when something does unexpectedly fail.

  7. I think that it’s really smart that HomeLife Warranty Protection uses contractors instead of employees. I can see how that would be a conflict of interest. I feel like I can trust an unbiased opinion because they know that chances are they are going to be paid for the project one way or the other.

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection

      We really appreciate your feedback and will pass it along to our owners.

  8. I’ve had other warranty protection plans in the past and never have I been allowed to choose my own contractor. Kudos HomeLife Warranty Protection for making life easy for people like me…

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection

      We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and completely understand when our clients have a contractor that they would rather use. We do have certain requirements that the customer and contractor must meet, prior to authorization of repairs.

  9. HomeLife Warranty Protection has always been upfront and honest about fees. I remember back when I bought my policy two years ago they actually showed me a list of how much my policy would cost each month and how much trade calls would be. No one had ever been quite so transparent. While, thankfully, I’ve not had to utilize my policy, I feel much better knowing that it is in place.

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection

      We don’t believe in doing business in the shadows or hiding behind a ton of fine print. We are happy that our openness has caught your attention.

  10. I love that HomeLife Warranty Protection gets a second opinion if I don’t agree. I actually had to do that once and they worked with me and got my item covered since the initial contractor made a mistake.

    • HomeLife Warranty Protection

      We have a number of policies in place to make sure that our customers receive the best service possible. Ultimately, we want to provide the best possible experience for our customers.