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Tax Tiger Answers Questions About the IRS

Tax Tiger

Today’s Topic: CP 2000 Q: What is the CP 2000? Tax Tiger: It is a notice sent out by the IRS when they suspect that a taxpayer has understated or overstated their income. The notice is not a change to the taxpayer’s original submission. Q: How does the IRS determine if there are discrepancies on my tax return? Tax Tiger: ... Read More »

Markus Lattner Q&A: Slow Food

Markus Lattner is improvement manager for a Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) farm in Pennsylvania, where he helps streamline processes in order to keep everything working efficiently.  In this capacity, Markus Lattner combines his commitment to the environment with a dedication to quality produce. Markus Lattner spoke recently with InformatioNation about a concept that’s close to his heart. InformatioNation: Explain to ... Read More »

Douglas Battista Dishes on the Health Benefits of Yoga

Information Nation recently sat down with Douglas Battista to discuss the benefits of the Vinyasa flow yoga. Here, the Human Resources executive touches on the positive effects this ancient ritual can have on modern man. Information Nation: Thank you for joining us today, Douglas Battista. We understand that yoga is an important part of your life. Douglas Battista: That it ... Read More »

James Stuckey Shares Insight on the Former Russian Trade and Cultural Center

Long before James Stuckey founded Verdant Properties, LLC®, he served as the Managing Director for Gronich & Co., where he conceived a deal he recalls fondly to this day. Today, Information Nation speaks with James Stuckey about the Russian Trade and Cultural Center, which was appropriately located in the World Trade Center. Information Nation: Thank you for taking this time ... Read More »