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Gary McClure Discusses APSU’s First Back-to-Back NCAA Showing

In 2012, head coach Gary McClure and the Austin Peay State University Governors faced off against the Oregon Ducks. Here, McClure opens up about this iconic match.  Information Nation: Welcome! We’re excited to have the opportunity to speak with you today.  Gary McClure: I am always willing to talk about sports –  especially baseball! Information Nation: With the 2016 season ... Read More »

Founder Paul Savramis on the Success of Rising Stars Sports Camps


According to Rising Stars founder Paul Savramis, the success of children’s summer camps is founded on a diverse range of activities. Paul Savramis observes that adding a new sport or two into his basketball camps has kept children engaged and has improved retention for his popular program. After receiving a degree in physical education, Paul Savramis put his knowledge to ... Read More »

Paul Savramis Offers Academic Support through Rising Stars

Paul Savramis

Paul Savramis has always stressed the importance of education to the Rising Stars participants. Over the years, Rising Stars has worked hard to put this mantra into action, with Paul Savramis and the organization setting up several programs geared toward assisting students with their learning goals. Paul Savramis answers some questions about Rising Stars’ academic support programs below. Q: If ... Read More »

University of Georgia Bulldogs

Kyle Thomas Glasser

If you are a student in University of Georgia, you should join Bulldogs just as Kyle Thomas Glasser did. Welcome to number one famous Georgia Bulldogs Club. If you have not bought your ticket yet, it is not too late. Kyle is a senior student in the UGA. The main purpose of this club is to provide athletic students with scholarships. It is an arm of Athletic Association, which provides financial support and high-class facilities. It promotes the varsity sport programs that UGA has. To be a member of the Georgia Bulldog club means a lot. Read More »

DR Marketing Group on Lifetime with Close Combat

DR Marketing Group

The following segment aired on DR Marketing’s Incredible Discoveries. Joining DR Marketing Group was Close Combat to discuss self defense. DR Marketing Group: What you’re about to learn will change your life forever. You’ll learn most secrets most self-defense experts don’t want to teach you. You’ll see why you don’t need years of training. A body full of muscle or ... Read More »