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BrandStar Entertainment Discusses Starting Your Day Healthy with Grand Prairie Foods
BrandStar Entertainment

BrandStar Entertainment Discusses Starting Your Day Healthy with Grand Prairie Foods

BrandStar Entertainment

BrandStar Entertainment

These days, it seems like everyone over the age of 30 is watching their cholesterol levels, regardless of body-type or weight. What we move from the plate to the palate impacts our health – sometimes in ways we can’t even see. To talk about how an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure, especially when it comes to that first meal of the day, BrandStar Entertainment ® was joined by Valerie Loudenback of Grand Prairie Foods and Start Healthy Brands.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: Hi Valerie!

Valerie Loudenback: Hello, it’s nice to see you.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: I’m glad you’re here. I have to tell you – in the morning, it is really hard for me to get out the door and eat something health, especially in the fast-paced world in which we are living.

Valerie Loudenback: Absolutely. You want food that is fast and you want it to taste good. But I think a lot times, we go for the fast and easy versus wondering what’s in it and what’s healthy. Our company is trying to change that, at least for the people who are interested.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: Good. So many people are worried about how many calories are in a food item, it seems.

Valerie Loudenback: Yes, and we are trying to give them the nutritional value, as well.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: What types of foods, would you say, have the highest cholesterol levels?

Valerie Loudenback: They are the things that we think taste good. What is high cholesterol is fat, and of course, sugars – which is in cholesterol. Those are the things, though, that add up and can cause problems with being overweight. The foods that have high cholesterol are things that come from animal

BrandStar Entertainment ®: That makes sense.

Valerie Loudenback: Bacon and pork are all included: all of those types of foods that are yummy and bad-for-you.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: Does reducing fat content reduce flavor?

Valerie Loudenback: If done correctly, no.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: Ok.

Valerie Loudenback: However, we’ve seen that evolve over time. When low-fat items came out, frankly, it didn’t taste very good. Low-fat salad dressings, for example, taste horrible.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: So, if I’m going to eat a salad, I’ll have something that tastes good. I’d rather just put vinegar on it.

Valerie Loudenback: Exactly. You can make choices like we have done with our product. We have intentionally removed the cholesterol from eggs.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: Is it the yolk of the egg that has the cholesterol?

Valerie Loudenback: Yes. When you look at our eggs, they are white.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: Oh, very interesting.

Valerie Loudenback: They are made from the whites of eggs.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: Got it – removing the yolk.

Valerie Loudenback: Yes, and doing so keeps the cholesterol low.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: So that is one way to eliminate cholesterol in your diet.

Valerie Loudenback: The other thing I’d like to say is that we offer some nice variety and choice. Eggs are not the most tasteful food item by nature. They can be a little bit bland. So we try and spice them up. We’ve worked with some chefs at our plant to come up with some toppings. They are designed for people who want the health but also want a really good, interesting, dining experience – without losing the flavor.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: You know, it’s not just breakfast. I can see sitting down and serving this for dinner, with a side salad and some fruit. It’s an option not just for starting the day healthy – but for staying healthy throughout the day. I’m going to have breakfast for dinner, tonight.

Valerie Loudenback: Alright, that sounds like a good idea.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: Thank you so much for your time.

Valerie Loudenback: Thank you for having me here.

BrandStar Entertainment ®: If you would like to discover how to start your day healthier – visit the breakfast-making experts at

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