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Casa Sandoval Offers Advice for Encouraging Senior Family Members to Accept Care
Casa Sandoval

Casa Sandoval Offers Advice for Encouraging Senior Family Members to Accept Care


Casa Sandoval

Casa Sandoval

Casa Sandoval provides assisted and independent living residences and onsite programs to encourage healthy, active lifestyles for all its residents.  Serving older adults since 1995, Casa Sandoval understands that seniors may resist entering a care facility for a myriad of reasons, including major feelings of loss that include loss of independence, loss of mobility, loss of ownership of their homes, and loss of their own decisions.

For those who are dealing with a loved one who is resistant to this transition, Casa Sandoval suggests taking an encouraging and supportive approach first.  While each situation is unique, Casa Sandoval recommends the following means for encouraging acceptance of care.

  • Understand various senior care options and be prepared to present options in a thoughtful and thorough manner.  There are many ways to research options. Casa Sandoval staff suggests: 1) Meet with and discuss questions and concerns with senior care professionals. This may include geriatric counselors, doctors, nurses, lawyers, Casa Sandoval staff, and social workers; 2) Talk to other caregivers who have gone through the same situation to get ideas and support.
  • Ask the family member what type of care he or she would prefer and honor his or her desires as much as possible, says Casa Sandoval.
  • Casa Sandoval suggests explaining the benefits senior care can provide, such as access to cultural and recreational programming, a social network, and onsite medical assistance whenever it is needed.
  • Explain that the motivation for senior care comes from a loving place, says Casa Sandoval, one that wants them to be safe, secure, and vital for as long as possible.

Casa Sandoval realizes that the safety and security of older family members is the top priority of caregivers, so it is essential that if safety concerns are evident or arise, the caregiver or family member seek immediate medical, legal, or police assistance.  For the senior adult who is experiencing significant cognitive issues, caregivers are encouraged to combine the above suggestions with advice from experts who are dealing with seniors, such as geriatric experts, advises Casa Sandoval.  The move to senior care can be difficult for some, acknowledges Casa Sandoval, but with persistent encouragement and support from loved ones, coupled with expert advice, the transition can be smooth and welcoming.

Casa Sandoval has been a trusted member of the senior care community in Hayward, CA since 1995.  Providing assisted and independent living residences and enrichment and wellness programming to its residents, Casa Sandoval understands that exploring senior care can be daunting for some and difficult for caregivers who are encouraging the change. Casa Sandoval proudly offers personalized care and promotes vitality and dignity of all seniors and was the 2009 recipient of the “Best of the Bay” award for Independent and Assisted Living in Alameda County by KRON Channel 4. Casa Sandoval provides assisted and independent living residences. For more information about Casa Sandoval, visit

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