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Robert Ferguson Discusses FitPro for Proper Nutrition

Robert Ferguson Discusses FitPro for Proper Nutrition

The Balancing Act Lifetime

The Balancing Act Lifetime

Well, here’s a question for you: Are you getting enough protein and calcium in your diet?  Well, we are all about to find out, right now.  Joining The Balancing Act Lifetime is Robert Ferguson, of Diet Free Life. A leading voice for weight loss and living diet free, he’s here to talk to The Balancing Act Lifetime about protein and calcium, as part of proper nutrition; and how it works to keep the pounds away.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Hey, Robert.  Good to see you.

Robert Ferguson: Well, it’s good to be here.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: So, this morning, we’re going to be talking about keeping the pounds away?  What’s the first thing you’d like to share, with our viewers?

Robert Ferguson: Protein is really your friend, when it comes to those macro nutrients.  When you compare protein to fat and carbohydrates, protein boosts your metabolism more than those two.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Does it, really?

Robert Ferguson: Yes.  And, protein also helps it where you’re not hungry as soon, compared to carbs and fat.  Protein really is our friend.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: I love that.  So, after a workout, I hear that it’s important to eat some protein.  Is this truth or myth?

Robert Ferguson: Well, the truth in that is that protein, when it’s available in your body; it is the building block of muscle.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: OK.

Robert Ferguson: And, muscle, on a cellular level, actually burns more calories than any other cell in your body.  So, the more lean muscle tissue you have the more fat you can burn.  Therefore, you’re burning more calories.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Alright.  So, that would be true, then.  That’s good thing.

Robert Ferguson: Yes.  Unfortunately, though, most people aren’t getting an adequate amount of protein.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Ah.  So, we’re falling short in that, even though we believe we’re getting protein.  Right?

Robert Ferguson: Most people rely on getting protein from foods like eggs and yogurt.  Unfortunately, all protein is not created equal.  So, if you look at the protein, that’s in a salad with avocado, nuts, tomatoes, etc.  Well, you have protein in each of those foods; but, what people don’t realize is that there’s more fat in some of those foods, than there is protein.  Foods like the nuts and the avocado, in comparison to the tomatoes.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: What would you recommend, for someone like me, to stay healthy?  I’m married, I have three children, and I’m always on the go.  Where can I eat, and what can I consume, that’s protein-rich, that I can also take with me, and that’s quality protein, as well?

Robert Ferguson: Well, we have something that’s actually good to the taste; and is friendly to your waist.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Alright.

Robert Ferguson: It’s called our FitPro™ protein.  FitPro is formulated from our REAL® milk protein.  We take REAL® grade-A milk from American farms and apply a gentle ultrafiltration process, removing the lactose sugars and leaving behind concentrated liquid whey and casein proteins. Other brands utilize a chemical acid wash process to isolate whey and casein protein powders, which are later reconstituted.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Ok.

Robert Ferguson: The FitPro shake gives you that same amount, or benefit of protein, as a plate of chicken.  And it’s low in carbs.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: Really?

Robert Ferguson: It’s friendly on the waistline.  It’s lactose free, for those who are concerned with that.  It is soy free.  And, it’s also gluten free.  This is really the freshest, ready to go, ready to drink protein shake on the market.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: It’s becoming a go-to shake for me!  I love that.

Robert Ferguson: That’s great.

The Balancing Act Lifetime: And, if you want more information on FitPro™ ready to drink protein shakes, simply visit their website.  It’s fitproprotein.com.

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