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David Slone Believes Roadschooling Offers Valuable Lessons
David Slone

David Slone Believes Roadschooling Offers Valuable Lessons

David Slone

David Slone

Education doesn’t just happen in a classroom, states David Slone. More and more people these days turn their RVs into a classroom. Several years ago, David Slone and his wife Stacey sold their successful video production business and embarked on a nearly year-long journey by enriching their children’s education through travel. During this time, David Slone worked as a representative for a video editing device manufacturer. The job took David Slone and his family all over the country. To this day, David Slone considers this particular year as one of their best years in their lives. Below, David Slone talks about his experience roadschooling his children, Amber and Josh.

Information Nation: More and more families turn to roadschooling. How would you describe this school on wheels?

David Slone: Roadschooling is essentially homeschooling, except that you don’t stay in the same place. Roadschooling is usually done by parents who travel full-time.

Information Nation: Why do you think roadschooling has become so popular?

David Slone:  You know, it’s one thing to read about history, science, and art, but being able to live it firsthand is an experience that can’t be duplicated.

Information Nation: How is a roadschool education different from a traditional classroom education?

David Slone: Roadschooling is truly about hands-on experiences. In a traditional school setting, children may read about a plant or a historic site, but in roadschooling you have the opportunity to see or even touch the plant. You can visit a historical site rather than just read about it.

Information Nation: Is it difficult to find learning opportunities on the road?

David Slone: Not at all. There are hundreds of opportunities on the road to teach our kids about history and life. You can just stop at a campground and go on a hike where you can touch, smell and see nature. Opportunities are everywhere.

Information Nation: From your experience, what is the main requirement for roadschooling?

David Slone:  I think flexibility is really important. As I mentioned earlier, when you roadschool, you have tons of hands-on opportunities to teach your children. Sometimes, these opportunities just pop up out of nowhere when you least expect it and you need to be flexible enough to grab this opportunity and teach your children.

Information Nation: What is one of the first things parents should do when considering roadschooling?

David Slone: Roadschooling is a big decision and parents need to find the best teaching options for their children. This requires time and planning. Having a well-though-out plan is truly necessary.

Information Nation: You and your family enjoyed traveling around the country. What is your fondest memory of roadschooling?

David Slone: We visited so many awesome places and took thousands of pictures and hours of video, and we did it all as a family. What more can you ask for?

David Slone is the General Sales Manager and Used Car Manager at Weld County Garage. Prior to that, David Slone pastored a Baptist church and started a ministry for poor children in Brazil. David Slone served as President of Macrosystem US. His love for photography also motivated David Slone to start a small photography business with his daughter. David Slone and his wife enjoy traveling in their free time. David Slone resides in Colorado.

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