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Information Nation Interview: JustFab Offers the Latest Fashion Trends

Information Nation Interview: JustFab Offers the Latest Fashion Trends



JustFab is a wildly popular online retailer, offering VIP members exclusive access to the hottest fashion trends in shoes, denim, handbags, and accessories at reasonable prices.  Since 2010, JustFab has grown to over 10 million monthly subscribers who are hungry for celebrity style, but don’t want to break the bank.  In the following interview, JustFab dishes about some of the latest fashion trends and how shoppers everywhere can look well-styled through JustFab.

Information Nation: Thanks so much for joining us!  First, give our readers a run-down of the ways JustFab helps those of us who want to be stylish, but don’t have the time to stay on top of trends.

JustFab:  Great question.  We’re here for you!  Throughout the development of JustFab, it was very important to incorporate various ways in which shoppers could learn about trends and visualize themselves in current trendy looks.  The JustFab community includes a blog that provide fashion advice and keeps readers informed of the newest styles out there.

Information Nation: What if I don’t have time to read a blog everyday – what else can I do?

JustFab:  Through the monthly JustFab VIP subscription, shoppers gain access to a personalized monthly boutique, filled with only the looks that are best suited for their taste and are on the cutting edge of style.  Each VIP is emailed when their boutique is ready and they can simply click through the picks JustFab stylists created for them.  It’s really fun and easy.

Information Nation: How does JustFab determine what’s hot and what’s not?

JustFab:  The manner in which JustFab combines fashion, social interaction, and visualization has attracted some of the top names in fashion and celebrity collaborators.  When shoppers sign on to JustFab, they can feel confident that anything they purchase was created or chosen by trend setters.

Information Nation: Tell our readers about some of the celebrity fashion gurus working with JustFab…

JustFab:  There are so many! The JustFab Abbey Dawn collection was designed by rocker, Avril Lavigne and includes skull prints, studs, the Metal Head booty, and more lively pieces to kick up your wardrobe.   We have also had capsule collections from Jessica Simpson and Beyonce’s House of Dereon.

Information Nation: What are some of the latest trends readers should be thinking about trying right now?

JustFab:  Booties are really hot right now!  On the JustFab site, shoppers can browse through nearly 100 different styles of booties.  From the ladylike Cecile bootie adorned with a bow, to the fierce Waverly bootie with leopard print and a cutout toe, the possibilities are endless.  Booties look great with snug fitting cigarette jeans and add flare to most dresses.

Information Nation: Cigarette jeans…what are those?

JustFab:  They are form-fitting jeans that hug the ankles – most shoppers know them as skinny jeans, or skinnies.  JustFab has a wide variety of denim on the site as well.

Information Nation: Everyone loves jeans!  Tell us more about current trends in denim.

JustFab:  Denim is a staple in most wardrobes for the comfort and versatility it offers.  Right now, flare jeans coupled with chunky wedges, like San Andres or Cancun styles, is a really easy and great look.  For a sexier look, JustFab’s Ombre skinny jeans paired with platform heels is also hot and a favorite with our members.

About JustFab

JustFab is an online fashion retailer for shoes, handbags, jeans, and accessories with most items priced at only $39.95.  Kimora Lee Simmons is President and Creative Director at JustFab, where all of the trend-setting looks are designed or curated by some of the hottest names in fashion.  To start shopping today visit JustFab online at

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