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Why Radio and Direct Media Power are a Winning Combination
Direct Media Power

Why Radio and Direct Media Power are a Winning Combination


Direct Media Power

Direct Media Power

Direct Media Power knows that in the current economy, businesses are looking for an inexpensive but effective way to get the word out. And, for a small fee, Direct Media Power gives their clients personalized one-on-one service that yields almost immediate results. Founder Dean Tucci answers some questions about the powerful synergism of Direct Media Power and radio.

Q: Is radio still a relevant media?

A: Absolutely! Today, radio is the most cost-effective way to get the word out about a product or service. Radio listeners are often a captive audience, hearing your message in the car or while walking at the track. In fact, if done correctly, the team at Direct Media Power has found that radio can be the best way to get a message through to potential customers.

Q: How is radio more effective than other forms of advertising?

A: Customers can skip over Internet banner ads and fast-forward through TV commercials using a DVR. But Direct Media Power has found that customers are more patient about listening to radio ads because they’re short and usually relevant.

Q: How has technology changed the way listeners respond to radio ads?

A: One thing that has really helped is that every listener usually has a cell phone within reach while listening to the radio. This is great for getting a customer to dial a number for more information as soon as they hear the commercial.

Q: Direct Media Power states that radio provides a diverse audience for ads. How is this possible?

A: Radio reaches 70% of the general American population–and an even higher percentage among minority groups. This creates a much more diverse customer base for businesses.

Q: How does Direct Media Power target its ads?

A: With contacts in radio across the country, the team at Direct Media Power is able to pick and choose where your ad airs, which allows us to place it in areas where it can better reach the intended audience.

Q: How will I know if my campaign is getting results?

A: You’ll know right away. Direct Media Power provides its clients an 800 number for free, as well as a call center. Through this number, the effectiveness of a campaign can be measured in real numbers.

Q: Will I need to pay for the production of the commercial?

A: As part of the package Direct Media Power offers, clients will receive a free written script and production.

Q: Does Direct Media Power take a commission?

A: We do not earn a commission on a campaign unless it does well. Additionally, each client is guaranteed a return on investment.

Q: What types of businesses usually seek Direct Media Power’s services?

A: Among our many customers are tax settlement firms, mortgage lenders, and more.

From the time a customer contacts Direct Media Power, a representative is assigned to that person to handle any questions and help direct the campaign. Direct Media Power is so sure its services will have a huge impact on its customers’ bottom line, we offer a money back guarantee on the fees charged on initial orders.

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