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Jeffrey Nimer Discusses the Ban on Foie Gras

Jeffrey Nimer

Chef Jeffrey Nimer has traveled the world in order to sample cuisine from a variety of cultures. For this reason, Jeffrey Nimer has a versatile palate that has opened him up to dishes he might not have otherwise prepared. However, in recent years, Jeffrey Nimer has noticed a backlash against a certain cooking ingredient that has led it to be ... Read More »

The Best and Worst Holiday Gifts

When it comes to holiday gift giving, the main thing to remember is that it’s about the other person. Many people inadvertently give gifts that they think are thoughtful, but in fact can be upsetting or even, in a worse case scenario, actually offensive to the other person. So, what’s a contentious gift giver to do? Information Nation has some ... Read More »

J. Kale Flagg Talks about Superheroes

J. Kale Flagg

J. Kale Flagg believes in superheroes…not the caped kind with super powers, but the kind of people who rise above the ordinary in their aspirations and their execution and follow-through. With over twenty years in the business world, Yale graduate J. Kale Flagg has seen what separates the successful from the ordinary. Today J. Kale Flagg answers a few questions ... Read More »

Dennis Dachtler Discusses Retirement Planning


Dennis Dachtler and the team at Dachtler Wealth focus on helping people of all ages plan for retirement. Through Dachtler Wealth Management, Dennis Dachtler counsels clients on everything from investments to family money management. One of the most important facets of wealth planning is setting aside money for the later years, Dennis Dachtler says. Below, Dennis Dachtler answers a few ... Read More »

Mendel Mintz Talks about Chabad JCC’s Hebrew School

Mendel Mintz

Mendel Mintz is a rabbi and leader of the Chabad Jewish Community Center in Aspen, Colorado. As head of the community center, Rabbi Mintz leads services each week. Rabbi Mendel Mintz answers questions about Chabad Community Center’s Hebrew School below: Q: Chabad Community Center offers several adult education classes. Could you tell us about those? Mendel Mintz: In addition to ... Read More »

Kale Flagg: Combating Rejection with More Prospects

Kale Flagg

Lack of discipline is another precursor to failure, says Flagg. There are only twenty-four hours in a day. What we do with our time, more than anything else in our lives, determines whether we are a spectator or the lead character in the game of life, asserts Kale Flagg. The truth is that most people waste time. They spend far ... Read More »

Phil Melugin: Hunting Safety Q & A

Phil Melugin

Phil Melugin is the founder of Phoenix Home Care and the owner of Pheasant Run Ranch, a private hunting ranch in north central Kansas. On his ranch, Phil Melugin emphasizes safety for hunters, hunting guides, and hunting dogs alike. Here, Phil Melugin answers questions about hunting safety, whether on Pheasant Run Ranch or on any property. Q: How important is ... Read More »

Tips for Traveling with Pets

Pets are part of the family, yet when it comes to taking a trip, it can be tough to make arrangements for your furry friends. Kennels are pricey and confine your animals to a small cage for the time you’re gone. A house-sitter is even more expensive and requires trusting a stranger with a key to your house. Another option ... Read More »

Why Radio and Direct Media Power are a Winning Combination

Direct Media Power

  Direct Media Power knows that in the current economy, businesses are looking for an inexpensive but effective way to get the word out. And, for a small fee, Direct Media Power gives their clients personalized one-on-one service that yields almost immediate results. Founder Dean Tucci answers some questions about the powerful synergism of Direct Media Power and radio. Q: ... Read More »

Donald Leon Farrow on the Basics of Photo Composition

Donald Leon Farrow

Donald Leon Farrow is a freelance photographer, having perfected the craft over many years. As a nurse anesthetist of the greatest detail, he applies a practical approach to photography, with a full understanding of composition, lighting, and creative design. This approach has given Donald Leon Farrow the ability to take great pictures. But while lighting and mechanics are the technical ... Read More »