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Jeffrey Kale Flagg Offers Advice to Sales Managers
Jeffrey Kale Flagg

Jeffrey Kale Flagg Offers Advice to Sales Managers

Jeffrey Kale Flagg

Jeffrey Kale Flagg

It’s crunch time and you need to pep talk to your sales team. Jeffrey Kale Flagg says that sometimes, it is what you don’t say that motivates others to perform.

Jeffrey Kale Flagg asks, “How many times have you heard your kids say, ‘Watch me! Watch this! Look at me!’” And while watching, did you smile and give positive reinforcement? According to Jeffrey Kale Flagg, just like your kids want you to praise them, the same is true with your employees. Freely dispense recognition–because if done consistently and based solely on achievement, it will build loyalty, a strong work ethic and a successful sales organization, says Jeffrey Kale Flagg.

Significantly, points out Jeffrey Kale Flagg, the key to the power of recognition is that it must be given away­–only then is the magic released. Ever notice how some people never seem to reach the pinnacle of success because they are so driven for personal recognition that they take credit for the accomplishments of others? On the other hand, there are those who are successful at getting their people recognized for real accomplishments, and they always seem to end up in the spotlight–with what Jeffrey Kale Flagg calls the pot of gold?

Use common sense, cautions Jeffrey Kale Flagg. Don’t tell your people they are doing a good job if they are not. But, when your employees are doing well, give recognition in abundance and do it publicly. The bottom line, according to Jeffrey Kale Flagg, is that you must recognize people for their desire, for their potential, and for their contribution. If you empower and motivate your team to feel like a million bucks, not only will they find personal success but they will also contribute to yours.

Increase good habits by rewarding your team with recognition. Conversely, Jeffrey Kale Flagg suggests that you may decrease bad habits by withholding attention and recognition. If someone is doing something undesirable or counterproductive, don’t treat that person badly, just point out what he/she is doing wrong and then focus all of your energy on other people. Jeffrey Kale Flagg says that the negative behavior will quickly disappear.

It is a difficult lesson for many to understand, acknowledges Jeffrey Kale Flagg, but frequently withholding recognition is a much more powerful motivator than giving recognition! If you recognize a team member for something that was undeserved, or give them a promotion that a person wasn’t fully qualified for, you are saying there are alternative ways to earn recognition, and you may be creating an excuse-oriented whiner. Jeffrey Kale Flagg cautions that this is a big mistake.

There is magic to recognition. But, as Jeffrey Kale Flagg cautions, there is also a catch. If you ever keep recognition that should be given away–or if you ever give away undeserved recognition–you can turn the magic into poison. False recognition and awards will actually de-motivate others instead of motivate them. Make sure that you recognize your people skillfully, publicly, fairly and abundantly-and that your message is clear: The key to success, and the key to recognition, is accomplishing results. No excuses. No justifications–just results. Remember this, says Jeffrey Kale Flagg, and you will have a better team and a better bottom line.


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