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DR Marketing Group on Lifetime with Close Combat

DR Marketing Group

DR Marketing Group

The following segment aired on DR Marketing’s Incredible Discoveries. Joining DR Marketing Group was Close Combat to discuss self defense.

DR Marketing Group: What you’re about to learn will change your life forever. You’ll learn most secrets most self-defense experts don’t want to teach you. You’ll see why you don’t need years of training. A body full of muscle or any kind of weapon to step up in any confrontation.

Close Combat: If you’re searching for the truth about self-defense and you think you can handle it then don’t move. Captain Chris, the world leader in self-defense, is going to reveal the closely guarded self-defense secrets in the world. Secrets closely guarded for almost a century as we expose close combat training.

DR Marketing Group: When it comes to personal safety, there’s no such thing as too safe. You want to protect yourself and the people you’re with no matter what the situation. You want to have fun without feeling vulnerable. Go places without feeling intimidated or simply walk with confidence because whether you’re walking with someone or all alone, feeling confident and safe is your right.

Close Combat: In these series of videos, it’s very you know simplified, you can use it you know every you know people have absolutely no experience.

DR Marketing Group: Karate, Taekwondo, Ju-Jitsu, all these UFC Ultimate Fighting Championships. They all have rules. When we’re on the street, there are no rules. Close combat training is the best way possible to get out there and with low level basic skills to defend yourself.

Close Combat: People want to know how to defend themselves and their families and it’s information they deserve to know, and I was entrusted with that powerful information and specifically charged with that duty to share it. If I can help just one person stay safe then I’m making a difference and continuing on the legacy of all those in close combat who came before me.

DR Marketing Group: So you’re saying that the skills that you teach people are enough to protect them in any hand to hand or close combat situation?

Close Combat: Yes, literally anyone can use close combat to defend themselves, regardless of age, gender, or physical ability. But let’s get real. People don’t expect to get in hand to hand combat situations, I mean that kind of thing only happens in movies right?

DR Marketing Group: That is true.

Close Combat: But they can imagine themselves get into trouble when a stranger approaches on the street. An obnoxious guy in a bar, a drunk at a crowded venue or even just a sense of vulnerability you feel walking alone at night

DR Marketing Group: So really what this has to do with is confidence.

Close Combat: Exactly, and when you learn what I teach you, you never feel vulnerable again. You never intimidated again. You never feel afraid or worried about being humiliated again because you’ll have the confidence you need to take action.

DR Marketing Group: Okay here’s the big question. What about firearms? Do you need to carry a gun?

Close Combat: Absolutely not and here’s why…unless you are a trained professional, the only thing a gun is going to bring you is more trouble than you know how to   handle. All the facts support this. The bottom line is that when you learn what I teach you, you won’t even need a gun.

DR Marketing Group: And you’ve already taught tens of thousands of people just like me and all of our viewers how to stand up to any scary situation without a gun and walk away safely?

Close Combat: That’s right. I teach you step by step how to use the fear you feel in a confrontation and turn it into something you never knew you even had in you. You never feel scared, vulnerable or weak again.

DR Marketing Group: You know there’s going to be people saying, “Yeah right, why should I believe this guy? I’m going to pop a DVD in my living room and then I’m going to beat up anybody I want. How should I believe this?”

Close Combat: You’re absolutely right to answer that question. And when I first heard about close combat, I said the same exact thing. In other words, I know how you feel, but here’s what makes Close Combat so different from everything else you’ve ever seen or even heard of and it’s called Gross Motor Movements.

DR Marketing Group: Gross Motor Movements?

Close Combat: That’s right. Gross Motor Movements are basic muscle movements, like swinging your arm in a chopping motion, simply reaching straight out to push an attacker’s face or whipping your foot loosely as a simple kick. In a fear induced state, literally when you’re frightened for your life, you’re heartbeat shoots to above 175 beats per minute and your body enters into fight or flight and at this high level of fear under stress, only simple Gross Motor Movements are physiologically possible.

DR Marketing Group: That is very interesting. I am excited to learn more.

Close Combat: What I teach you will always work. No matter how big the other guy is or how small you are. No matter what training you’ve had or haven’t had before and like I said before if you can simply raise one hand above your head. It’ll work for you to.

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  1. I totally agree on this Close Combat defense DR Marketing Group there is no need to have a hard training or some body building DR Marketing Group. Your capital here is your presence of mind and your focused DR Marketing Group and you will see the effect of close combat.

  2. I believe DR Marketing Group tht we could not always say that we are in our very safest place. Even in our very own home trouble may be expected and it is important that you know a thing on how to depend ourselves. What you have shared DR Marketing Group is very useful and easy to learn for people like me who doesn’t have any knowledge in marial arts. Learning those tricks of self defense DR Marketing Group made me confident enough that I could protect my family in case they needed me too.

  3. Self defense is an easy thing to say to many people. For some DR Marketing Group it is easy to learn for everyone. But you’ll never know what lies ahead when you are in the reality caught into trouble. Trough close combat videos that you have shared in DR Marketing Group me and my family slowly learned the basics about self defense. Now I believe that there is a greater chances that we could protect ourselves on our own in case we got into trouble. Thanks you so much DR Marketing Group.

  4. We don’t have to be so confident that we could fight or defend ourselves on our own from those bad guys. For me DR Marketing Group learning the basics about self defense is very important, as long as you could give yourself a chance to run away from the bad guys is enough to save yourself. I am glad that DR Marketing Group shared this valuable information about self defense. I know DR Marketing Group that these days knowing how to defend yourself is important.

  5. Time to time we need to protect ourselves on this kind of situation even if we don’t have a skills on different kinds of martial art. Close combat is big help DR Marketing Group this will be a belt in skills of our body. I been enjoyed the segment DR Marketing Group. And thank you for airing this kind of helpful segment DR Marketing Group.

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