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Making Your Life Count – How to Find More Hours in the Day

Life is a real juggling act that requires a lot of personal strength and determination to be successful.  As you probably already know, the most successful people accomplish a lot every day, without becoming overwhelmed and overstressed.  Here are a few tips to help business professionals gain control of life and get ahead.

1:  Prioritize

Make daily task lists and label them:  must do, want to do, and should do.  This ritual will focus your energy and is a simple way to start feeling more in control of your life.  Once this practice becomes habitual, you will be amazed by how much you are accomplishing.

2:  Organize

It’s probably that you already use a calendar system for work – but what about for home? A family calendar is essential for tracking family activities. Systems like or Google Calendars allow families to schedule sporting events, nightly meals and more.  While setting up the calendar may take a bit of time, the time you spend upfront will be made up by not having to drive a homework assignment to school this week.

3:  Analyze

Think about the activities you are engaged in and ask:  Am I currently inspiring someone, making money, or creating happiness for myself or someone else?  If your answer is “no”, then consider applying your energy elsewhere to lead to a more successful life.

4:  Franchise

If you don’t have time to get to the housework or you spend hours in the car traveling to daycare, consider hiring help.  Although extra help adds expense, this will allow you more time to focus on your job and increasing your income while at work, and focus more on your family when you’re home.

5:  Fantasize

No, really. Begin to visualize becoming more successful and determine the practical skills and steps you need to take to get there. And do not limit yourself.  If life’s daily tasks are keeping you from becoming the successful person you see in others, a few minor tweaks may be all you need to turn things around.

Then begin to take just one of these tips and incorporate them into your life today for a more productive tomorrow.

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