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Douglas Battista Dishes on the Health Benefits of Yoga

Douglas Battista

Douglas Battista

Information Nation recently sat down with Douglas Battista to discuss the benefits of the Vinyasa flow yoga. Here, the Human Resources executive touches on the positive effects this ancient ritual can have on modern man.

Information Nation: Thank you for joining us today, Douglas Battista. We understand that yoga is an important part of your life.

Douglas Battista: That it is; I believe that it offers combined benefits that no other method of physical training can.

Information Nation: Can you tell us what Vinyasa flow yoga is?

Douglas Battista: It is a form of yoga that focuses on finding a link between breathing and movements that one makes.

Information Nation: Now we understand that traditionally, this form of yoga is performed under unusual conditions. Can you explain?

Douglas Battista: It’s customary for classes to be taught in a heated studio. Temperatures inside of the training room can be in excess of 80°.

Information Nation: You mentioned that there are numerous benefits?

Douglas Battista: Yes, this particular type of yoga is exceptionally efficient for strength training and flexibility. As well, it helps to relieve stress and has a great deal of other physiological benefits that are associated.

Information Nation: Let’s start with strength training. How exactly does yoga, which traditionally does not involve any sort of weights, help one build lean muscle mass?

Douglas Battista: First, I would like to say that this particular form of yoga encourages whole body balance. Through a series of intentional movements, including backbends and a number of different poses, Vinyasa can fatigue the muscles, which in turn causes them to regenerate.

Information Nation: If we understand correctly, yoga utilizes all body parts equally. Is this important?

Douglas Battista: That goes back to the issues of balance. The entire body learns to work in harmony with itself. Additionally, the muscles relax, creating greater flexibility and increasing blood flow to the entire body.

Information Nation: Having a stress-free body equates to a stress-free mind.

Douglas Battista: Yes it does, and through the intentional inhalations and exhalations of breath, this form of yoga can also have a calming effect on the central nervous system.

Information Nation: You mentioned other physiological benefits?

Douglas Battista: Studies show that those who regularly practice this form of yoga have a reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes, and blood high pressure.

Information Nation: Those are definitely wonderful side effects. Before we go, we have to ask: is this a difficult process to learn?

Douglas Battista: As with any sort of exercise regimen, there are going to be movements that have to be learned and changes that have to be made in one’s entire lifestyle. It isn’t hard, however it does require dedication and determination to see long-term positive change.

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