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YOR Health Explains YOR Best Body Challenge Rules and Regulations

YOR HealthThe goal of YOR Health is to support customers in bettering their daily lives by offering free products for their commitment and efforts. By participating in the YOR Health 8-Week Challenge, people are well equipped to make significant changes in their daily routines. Here, YOR Health describes the necessary to successfully proceed through this exciting contest.

Information Nation: Hello. We’re happy you could join us.

YOR Health: It’s wonderful to chat with you this morning.

Information Nation: What is the objective of the YOR Best Body Challenge?

YOR Health: The YOR Best Body Challenge has been developed to help people have a positive attitude about their future.

Information Nation: Where does YOR Best Body Challenge assist in these efforts?

YOR Health: The YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge is the opportunity to create a healthier lifestyle and finally achieve YOR Best Body on the inside as well as on the outside.

Information Nation: Is the YOR Best Body Challenge recommended for people of all fitness levels?

YOR Health: Absolutely! Whether the goal is losing extra weight or building lean muscle, participants can make an awe-inspiring body transformation in just eight weeks.

Information Nation: How are participants rewarded for their efforts?

YOR Health: Eventually, participants will feel energized, lose weight and feel great about themselves. Plus, they’re eligible for the YOR Best Body Overall Championship.

Information Nation: When is the YOR Best Body Overall Championship held?

YOR Health: It is held each year at the YOR Health Annual Conference. By building a warm and welcoming community, our team helps foster an affirming environment where people can reach their mission.

Information Nation: Do men and women participate on a level playing field?

YOR Health: Participants are placed in one of four different categories. Both women and men are divided into “Slim” and Sculpt” categories.

Information Nation: What prizes are offered through this program?

YOR Health: On a twice-monthly basis, the leading three participants in each of the established categories have the opportunity to earn great prizes.

Information Nation: How are these prizes awarded?

YOR Health: Prizes are given based on community voting, a written testimonial and, most importantly, “before” and “after” photos.

Information Nation: What’s the reward for this hard work?

YOR Health: The first-place participant in each of these four categories will receive YOR Health products in the amount of $1000. Second and third place receives $750 and $500, respectively.

Information Nation: That’s quite a massive haul…

YOR Health: Yes, it is. In total, $50,000 of cash and prizes are offered through this one-of-a-kind competition.

Information Nation: How are the overall finalists determined?

YOR Health: Overall finalists are chosen based on overall score of all winners of each 8-Week Challenge cycle. Then, the audience will help to define the overall champions.

Information Nation: What an inspiring event. Thanks for passing along this information!

YOR Health: Absolutely – and feel free to check out our website for more details. Results of the YOR Best Body Challenge are updated regularly at

Headquartered in California, YOR Health is proud to feature their products all across the world. YOR Health can now be purchased in the United States, Australia, Mexico and several other locations.


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