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An Interview with United Faith Church

United Faith ChurchHow do I pray? Does prayer really work? United Faith Church in an interview on prayer for the believer.

United Faith Church of Barnegat, NJ is a non-denominational, Bible-believing church established in 2006. United Faith Church exists to share the love of the Father to all people in the Barnegat community and surrounding areas. United Faith Church members embrace a prayer-filled life committed to meeting with God on a daily basis in order to grow closer to Him and listen for His truth. Recently, the staff of Information Nation sat down with some members from the church to learn more.

Information Nation: What does United Faith Church believe regarding prayer?

United Faith Church: United Faith Church believes that prayer is intimate communication with God. Prayer is not about repetition or reciting, but about an honest conversation with God that comes from the heart. This interaction may involve making requests, giving thanks, acknowledging sin and repenting, or praying on behalf of others. United Faith Church trusts that God answers our prayers according to His will. Prayer is the foundation of a relationship with Christ and is an integral part of the life of every Christian.

Information Nation: Does United Faith Church have a biblical model for prayer?

United Faith Church: Members of United Faith Church believe that anyone can pray and speak with God. Jesus has left us a model in the Bible explaining how to pray, known as “The Lord’s Prayer.” United Faith Church follows this model by approaching the Father with reverence and thanksgiving because we know that only through the perfect sacrifice of Jesus can a believer be qualified to have access to Him. Uniting with the heart of Jesus creates the desire to see His kingdom reign on the earth, and for His will to be made complete.

This model also teaches us that God wants his name hallowed, or ‘glorified,’ in prayer as we enter His presence to bring our petitions to Him. At United Faith Church in Barnegat, believers are aware that God the Father graciously provides everything we need when we put Him first. Prayer is for the understanding of His word, forgiveness of sin, deliverance from temptation, and the ability to experience the glory of being in His kingdom now and forever. When the guidelines of the Lord’s Prayer are embraced and applied in every aspect of the believer’s life, God can move mightily.

Information Nation: Can anything hinder someone’s prayers to God?

United Faith Church: At United Faith Church the importance of seeking the Lord to get to know Him, is emphasized in order to live a life that pleases Him. Jesus often warned his disciples to guard their hearts to avoid the pride he identified in many of the religious leaders of His time who prayed loudly in public to appear “spiritual.” Inside many of their hearts were unforgiveness, hatred, resentment, and other sins that would prevent God from answering their prayers. True disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ acknowledge the need to sincerely reflect on God’s truth in their daily lives, so that prayers may be answered.

The way Christians treat others, especially those who belong to the family of God, is a reflection of their love for God. In the Bible, Jesus reminds His disciples that the Father hears and forgives those who forgive others. United Faith Church recognizes that God examines the condition of the heart; He opposes the proud, but gives His ear the humble. God also sees the motives of the heart. Prayers prayed with a humble and thankful heart that are aligned with the Word of God are powerful and effective.

Information Nation: How can prayer affect a believer personally?

United Faith Church: Prayer involves drawing near to God to experience His presence. The believers of United Faith Church have experienced, firsthand, the transforming power of the Lord’s presence in individual and corporate prayer times. Attendants of United Faith Church find peace in the midst of distressing circumstances by following the biblical prescription for anxiety, casting their cares upon the Lord. The peace comes flowing in like a river, filling the soul and guarding the heart against fear. United Faith Church trusts that through prayer, the Christian will experience inexpressible joy and peace from the Heavenly Father.

Those of United Faith Church also believe that God is able to address any situation and answer any question pertaining to all aspects of life.  Prayer provides insight and wisdom aligned with God’s Word that is high above any knowledge that can be found on this earth. There is no circumstance that is too big or small for God, and the Christian has access to His divine guidance and will through prayer.

Information Nation: Does prayer really work?

United Faith Church: The Bible describes prayer as a vital part of church life because it is the means by which spiritual works are accomplished in the natural world. United Faith Church can personally testify of God’s deliverance of His people from the bondage of sin, as well as the salvation and transforming power that His Spirit gives through the power of prayer. Through prayer, United Faith Church not only experiences the manifestation of God’s presence during a church service, but also in the restoration of families, marriages, and relationships with God in their daily lives.

Believers of United Faith Church follow the biblical mandate to pray with the authority given in the Name of Jesus Christ. The Name of Jesus holds the power to heal, provide, save, and deliver. Through prayer, God’s Kingdom in heaven is established here on earth. United Faith Church has seen angels dispatched to protect believers in dangerous situations, healings of cancers and various diseases, and souls that were dead come to life in Christ, all through the mighty power of prayer. United Faith Church is thankful for God’s gift of prayer and for His leading the church in what, when and how to pray so that we would be effective in His Kingdom.  Prayer is integral in the growth and sustainment of the church and at United Faith Church, there is no denying that prayer truly does work!

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