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Peter Spittler Architectural Services Discusses Public/Private Partnerships

Peter Spittler Architectural Services

According to Peter Spittler Architectural Services, the world’s natural resources continue to diminish every day.  In your community, open spaces, farmland, fish and wildlife areas are quickly disappearing.  Peter Spittler Architectural Services is dedicated to the mission of preserving our world.  While there are many pieces to the puzzle, Peter Spittler Architectural Services contends that public-private partnerships are one of ... Read More »

Pete Spittler: How Sustainable Development Can Beat Overpopulation

Pete Spittler

As our planet becomes more populated, architect Pete Spittler believes sustainable development will become more important than ever. Currently, the world population grows by an astounding amount of people every year. Pete Spittler notes that by the year 2025, this means our planet is expected to contain eight billion people—two billion more than there are today. According to Pete Spittler, ... Read More »