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Nationwide Relocation Services Shares the Company’s ‘Do Not Ship’ Item List

Nationwide Relocation ServicesAs a leader in the relocation business, Nationwide Relocation Services has created a methodology that surpasses their competitors. The commitment towards customer service has kept Nationwide Relocation Services at the top of the heap for over a decade. Here, the staff at Nationwide Relocation Services advises prospective clients about handling a move in a proficient manner by avoiding items that are unfit for shipping.

Information Nation: It’s great to have you here to answer our questions.

Nationwide Relocation Services: We’re happy to help.

Information Nation: What’s the most important thing for clients to keep in mind about their shipments?

Nationwide Relocation Services: A shipment should not contain anything that might be corrosive, flammable, poisonous or perishable.

Information Nation: It’s assumed that all containers should be properly secured…

Nationwide Relocation Services: Yes, absolutely! Disposal of all opened containers with liquid is strongly recommended.

Information Nation: How should engines or similar equipment be approached?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Small outdoor equipment or internal combustion engines should be drained of fluids prior to loading.

Information Nation: What types of fluids?

Nationwide Relocation Services: These fluids include diesel, gasoline and motor oil.

Information Nation: Are there geographical limitations?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Our company staff will assist clients throughout the United States, but certain states have strict codes.

Information Nation: Such as?

Nationwide Relocation Services: If shipping includes outdoor household articles, inspections might be necessary to verify that they comply with food and agricultural standards.

Information Nation: What are some examples of combustible liquids?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Among the most popular are alcohols, fluid cleaners and paint, all of which are prohibited by our company.

Information Nation: Are enforcement agencies strict about these shipments?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Both State and Federal law enforcement agencies will often inspect facilities and trailers looking for illegal shipments.

Information Nation: How does your firm assist the government in ensuring safe shipments?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Our staff always cooperates with law enforcement agencies that are conducting investigations in the trafficking of illegal substances.

Information Nation: Back to the items suitable for shipping. What items are considered on a case-by-case basis?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Antiques, photo albums and one-of-a-kind art are typically not included in shipments due to their fragile nature.

Information Nation: Can items be protected if they fall within the requirements?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Sure! Our affiliated movers will handle the packing and unpacking of all items and are dedicated to ensure possessions remain intact.

Information Nation: What about my storage options?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Storage units that are temperature-controlled and secured are available to hold all belongings. Plus, the movers will provide custom crates that can protect furniture over a long-distance trip.

Information Nation: Sounds like people can get everything taken care of in one place!

Nationwide Relocation Services: Our goal is to be a truly reliable source of information so that clients feel comfortable with selecting us.

Information Nation: This has been incredibly informative. Thanks for stopping by.

Nationwide Relocation Services: You’re welcome. Have a great day.

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