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Ian Woodman Discusses the Most Common Tax Issues

Ian Woodman

Ian Woodman

Ian Woodman co-founded Instant Tax Solutions with one mission in mind: to help others. And with an experienced team of legal counsel, accountants, and former IRS agents, Ian Woodman says that Instant Tax Solutions has seen that goal come true. As part of the company’s day-to-day operations, Ian Woodman’s Instant Tax Solutions sees a number of common issues with its clients. Today Ian Woodman answers some of their questions.

Q: Thank you for talking to us today, Ian Woodman. You have said that one of the most common tax problems Instant Tax Solutions sees is failure to pay taxes. How can taxpayers avoid having to pay penalties?

Ian Woodman: Each year, Instant Tax Solutions finds itself filing past due tax returns for multiple years on many clients. While we certainly can take care of overdue returns, taxpayers end up paying penalties if they owe money for these past taxes. The best way to avoid paying penalties is to pay on time every single year. Bring your tax information to Instant Tax Solutions and let our staff take care of things for you.

Q: Can you have these penalties removed, Ian Woodman?

Ian Woodman: Yes, at times. We have former IRS agents on our staff, as well as IRS enrolled agents. Both are able to negotiate with the IRS to work out an agreement that is amenable to both parties. There are times when the IRS is willing to lower penalties and even remove them if hardship can be proven.

Q: Are there times when Instant Tax Solutions can help lower the amount a taxpayer owes?

Ian Woodman: This is one of the services Instant Tax Solutions provides. The IRS has a form called an Offer in Compromise. ITS can work with the taxpayer to get the information necessary to make such an agreement go through. We can help ensure the forms are properly filled out and talk to the IRS to answer any questions they have.

Q: Can ITS do anything to release liens and wage garnishments when a taxpayer has gotten him or herself in too deep, Ian Woodman?

Ian Woodman: Instant Tax Solutions can assist in that regard as well. Since Instant Tax Solutions offers a free consultation, taxpayers simply need to call ITS for a consultation to determine if we can help.

Ian Woodman encourages beleaguered taxpayers to visit Instant Tax Solutions and consult with a member the ITS qualified team to discuss any tax-related problems from which they are suffering. In many instances, Ian Woodman’s staff can work with the IRS to reduce the debt and help restore credit. For more information, contact Ian Woodman or Instant Tax Solutions at


  1. I met Ian Woodman when I went to his firm to discuss my tax problem. He made sure that I am confortable while explaining what went wrong. By the time that I left his office I am satisfied because I know that my tax problem will be resolve in no time. Cheers to you, Ian Woodman!!!

    • Thank you so much Henry for trusting me and my firm and if you need help with your taxes you can visit us any time – Ian Woodman

  2. I called Instant Tax Solutions after I read the article by Ian Woodman. I even talk to Ian Woodman himself so right there and then I ask him on what to do when I failed to file my taxes this year. He explained it to me step by step so that I will be able to file my taxes without paying huge penalties. You are a heaven sent, Ian Woodman.

    • Our firm number one goal is to help people with their taxes. Any time you need help Arvin you can call or visit us any time. Thank you so much for giving us a chance to prove to you that we can help you resolve your tax problem.

  3. I now understand taxes a lot better. Thank you, Ian Woodman, because you take time to explain how it works. I know that I can depend on your company if I have difficulty with the IRS.

  4. I made the right decision to hire Instant Tax Solutions because I believe what Ian Woodman said. They have the services that can help me resolve my tax problem. Thank you so much for helping me.

    • Thank you also Allan for getting our service and at the same trusting us to find resolution to your tax problem.

  5. Thank you for the information, Mr. Ian Woodman. It is a huge help in understanding taxes better because I do not even know that filing for taxes after the due date will incur fees. You did a good job of explaining in this article.

    • It is good to hear from you Lily especially that my article give you some information about taxes and I hope it could help you in some way. – Ian Woodman

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