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Kitchen Charm Proudly Supports Veterans via WWAST

Veterans have given more to North America than any other demographic in the history of time. For this reason, Kitchen Charm, a Wisconsin-based firm with representatives all over the US and Canada, supports the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team (WWAST). Here, Kitchen Charm reps discuss the nonprofit and reveal how a special group of veterans are giving even more. Q: ... Read More »

Homelife Warranty Protection Discusses Potential Policy Exclusions

HomeLife Warranty Protection offers the most comprehensive home warranty coverage in the Southwest. However, even the most in-depth contract must contain certain exclusions to best protect the warranty provider and keep costs low for customers. In the following interview, residential home warranty specialists from HomeLife Warranty Protection discuss exclusions and homeowner responsibility. Q: Thank you for being with us today. ... Read More »

Vinyl Siding by Morgan Exteriors a Long-Lasting Value

In today’s home improvement interview, we speak with experts at Morgan Exteriors about vinyl siding, and why today’s materials make siding a first-choice among even the most discerning homeowners. Q: Good evening. We appreciate you taking the time to chat with us. Morgan Exteriors: It’s no problem. Q: With springtime upon us, we would like to discuss home improvement projects. ... Read More »

Gary McClure Discusses APSU’s First Back-to-Back NCAA Showing

In 2012, head coach Gary McClure and the Austin Peay State University Governors faced off against the Oregon Ducks. Here, McClure opens up about this iconic match.  Information Nation: Welcome! We’re excited to have the opportunity to speak with you today.  Gary McClure: I am always willing to talk about sports –  especially baseball! Information Nation: With the 2016 season ... Read More »

Bacteria from the Mouth May Increase Risk of Dementia, says Leading Edmond Dentist

Today we visit with Edmond dentist Dr. Damon R. Johnson. Dr. Johnson talks about how not remembering to brush your teeth early in life may lead to dementia. Oral care for the memory-impaired is also discussed. Information Nation Blog: We appreciate you joining us today. Edmond Dentist, Dr. Damon R. Johnson, DDS: Anytime! Information Nation Blog: We’re focusing on the ... Read More »

Q & A with Fred Wehba | New Business Development

In today’s interview, Information Nation chats with Fred Wehba, a real estate professional and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Wehba answers questions about developing a business idea and how to get started being your own boss. Information Nation: Thank you for joining us today. Fred Wehba: I am very happy to do it. Information Nation: Let’s get started, ... Read More »

Information Nation: When it Comes to Shampoo, Less is Better

Americans wash their hair on average of just under 5 times a week (which is twice the amount of Italians and Spaniards) and that’s a problem, according to dermatologists. Washing hair too often can rob it of vital nutrients and ultimately damage it. So, the question is what would American’s shampoo habits be like if the New York Times hadn’t ... Read More »

Surprising Sources of Caffeine

When people want caffeine they usually reach for a cup of coffee, tea or a bottle of soda. But, what if you are trying to avoid caffeine? The staff at Information Nation has discovered that there are some “secret” foods and drinks that may pack more of a punch of energy than most people want, right before bedtime. Read More »

Information Nation Discusses Family Travel

Sometimes traveling with children isn’t the most relaxing thing in the world. However, a little pre-planning can help eliminate a great deal of stress. And Information Nation has some tips on how to avoid problems on the trip – whether it’s by air or car travel. When flying, using a site such as can help travelers find the best ... Read More »

Americans Continue to Consume Sodium in Surprising Foods

It's no secret that Americans consume too much salt, but the highest sodium foods are surprising. For instance, a store bought loaf of bread not only contains a number of preservatives, but a slice of that bread can contain as much as a teaspoon of table salt – per slice. Other sodium levels in things that people think of as “healthy” can be shocking. Read on to find out how to avoid many of the hidden culprits that are lurking on grocery store shelves. Read More »