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The GE Pro Elite Examines Potential Warning Signs in Unhealthy Drinking Water

As the GE Pro Elite team has seen all too often, drinking water in the U.S. may come with some unwanted materials. In this conversation with Information Nation, a longtime representative from the GE Pro Elite team offers some insight into this troubling issue.

Information Nation Blog: It’s terrific to have you sharing your knowledge with us today.

GE Pro Elite Team: We’re more than happy to offer assistance to people throughout the United States.

Information Nation Blog: The most obvious sign of water issues might be appearance, wouldn’t you say?

GE Pro Elite Team: That’s a reasonable conclusion…

Information Nation Blog: Which colors may appear in the water supply?

GE Pro Elite Team: Water may look orange, brown, yellow or red. At times, it sometimes appears to be cloudy.

Information Nation Blog: What exactly do these colors indicate?

GE Pro Elite Team: The existence of contaminants is likely. These may include iron and rust.

Information Nation Blog: What are the most prominent signs of water problems?

GE Pro Elite Team: There are five major signs often recognized by our experienced professionals: bad taste and smell, scale deposits, corrosion, discoloration and cloudiness, and staining.

Information Nation Blog: How does my water acquire a bad smell or taste?

GE Pro Elite Team: Well, there could be quite a few issues at hand.

Information Nation Blog: Such as…?

GE Pro Elite Team: Hydrogen sulfide is a regular occurrence in U.S. households.

Information Nation Blog: That sounds troubling! How can I tell if hydrogen sulfide is present?

GE Pro Elite Team: In most cases, you might notice an unpleasant smell similar to that of rotten eggs. Or, the water may have a salty taste.

Information Nation Blog: Are there other chemicals commonly found in a water supply?

GE Pro Elite Team: At times, water may have the taste or smell of turpentine.

Information Nation Blog: What does this mean?

GE Pro Elite Team: In these situations, a water supply may be affected by laundry detergents, paints, primers and gasoline refining. Certain types of ink could be present as well.

Information Nation Blog: Is a metallic smell quite common?

GE Pro Elite Team: Metallic smells are a possible sign of several different metals, which include mercury, manganese, iron, zinc, lead, arsenic and copper.

Information Nation Blog: This has certainly proven beneficial to our audience. Your information is much appreciated!

GE Pro Elite Team: You’re quite welcome. We’re happy to spread the word.

The GE Pro Elite Team encourages all U.S. residents to be on the lookout for chemicals and other contaminants in their water supply. With the GE Pro Elite water treatment system, homeowners are granted a useful tool for eliminating these hazardous materials in their drinking water.



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