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Eloi Kummetz Introduces the Kummetz World Foundation in Brazil

Eloi Kummetz

Eloi Kummetz

Brazil is one of the most multicultural nations in the world, says Eloi Kummetz. Because of this, there are many beautiful and exotic products that are unique to the area. InformatioNation Blog recently caught up with the Kummetz Corporation founder, Eloi Kummetz, after he announced the inception of the Kummetz World Foundation, which is geared to help low-income people of the area find a market for their products and services

InformatioNation Blog: Thank you, Eloi Kummetz, for speaking with us today. We know that Brazilian culture is very diverse. Can you tell us a little about it?

Eloi Kummetz: Yes of course! Brazil is a virtual melting pot of race, and includes African, Portuguese, British, Dutch, Spanish and European ancestry.

InformatioNation Blog: That must make for some unique artistic expression.

Eloi Kummetz: Yes, Brazil is well known for its colorful and intriguing paintings.

InformatioNation Blog: So we’ve heard. Dance is important in the culture as well, correct?

Eloi Kummetz: Yes it is. Brazilian dance incorporates many aspects of the different religious and ethnic backgrounds found in the area.

InformatioNation Blog: Can you tell us about the Kummetz World Foundation?

Eloi Kummetz: The Kummetz World Foundation was created to offer those in the poorest areas of Brazil a way to share their wares with the world and hopefully help stabilize this beautiful country’s economic state.

InformatioNation Blog: Why is it so important to bring Brazilian culture to Western society?

Eloi Kummetz: It’s important because Brazilian culture is really world culture.

InformatioNation Blog: Yes, it really is, isn’t it…

Eloi Kummetz: Absolutely, in fact, Brazil has a similar ethnic makeup to say… New York, in the United States.

InformatioNation Blog: Why is that?

Eloi Kummetz: New York was a central hub for immigrants; it seems that Brazil was also a gathering point for diverse ethnicities many, many years ago.

InformatioNation Blog: What will the Kummetz World Foundation do for Brazil’s economy?

Eloi Kummetz: The hope is that we can provide an avenue for Brazilian entrepreneurs to share their goods with people in other cultures. We will provide a diverse range of resources to help these people anyway that we can.

InformatioNation Blog: The Kummetz Corporations does seem to have a philanthropic attitude toward business.

Eloi Kummetz: It is our goal to not only make wise investments for our partners, but to put the money to good use in places, like Brazil, that really need a bit of economic simulation.

InformatioNation Blog: You have other projects in South America, don’t you?

Eloi Kummetz: We do actually. We are heavily involved in green construction, sugarcane production and bio ethanol, as well as meat packaging and processing.

InformatioNation Blog: That’s a rather diverse portfolio of investments.

Eloi Kummetz: We try to make sure that we have access to many different revenue streams for our investors. As well, having a wide variety of projects puts us in a unique position to react quickly to the ever-changing markets.

InformatioNation Blog: Well, Eloi Kummetz, that’s all the time we have for today. We appreciate you chatting with us.

Eloi Kummetz: Absolutely. My pleasure! I would just like to add one final thought – it is only through financial leaders that many poverty-stricken areas will be able to rise above destitution and offer future generations better economic and educational opportunities. At the Kummetz Corporation, we pride ourselves in finding the best investments for our clients to make a positive impact on these areas.


  1. Poverty has always been a problem for many other countries around the globe. Eloi Kummetz is making a step to change and help this country face this problem. Eloi Kummetz does not only do this for its own country but as well as the other countries who are suffering from poverty. I am very thankful for what Eloi Kummetz are doing to change the life of so many people.

    • @Jodany- Eloi Kummetz goal is always about changing the world to be a much better place to live in. “Eloi Kummetz Introduces the Kummetz World Foundation in Brazil” Your positive comments gives us inspiration to do our best in reaching our goal. – Eloi Kummetz

  2. You could not always know someone who is being so caring for others. Eloi Kummetz is there to nourished, developed and help the less fortunate in reaching their own dreams. Eloi Kummetz have already reached their own dreams and now they are sharing their success to others. Eloi kummetz is indeed an honorable one.

    • @Rian- Eloi Kummetz is only doing what they could give as a return for the success given to us. But all of this weren’t a success without the help of other. With all your positives feedback and thankful hearts you have become our inspiration to make our goal a success. “Eloi Kummetz Introduces the Kummetz World Foundation in Brazil” Thank you very much in return! -Eloi Kummetz

  3. With what I learned about the Eloi Kummetz all I have in mind is what if all of other business corporations would do the same this would have given a lot of people to rise on their own ways and would not suffer from poverty. What Eloi Kummetz did is a good example, a better step towards success for the many poverty-stricken peoples. We are very thankful for what Eloi Kummetz did.

    • @Donald- Thank you for a very inspirational comment you have given to Eloi Kummetz. “Eloi Kummetz Introduces the Kummetz World Foundation in Brazil” – Eloi Kummetz

  4. Eloi Kummetz does not only there to help in improving a poverty-stricken country but as well as teaching them how to be wise enough to to face every sequence in their life. Eloi Kummetz is also there to educate in order for them lo face everything later on. We are very much thankful Eloi Kummetz.

    • @Johnny – Thanks for leaving a heartwarming feedback. “Eloi Kummetz Introduces the Kummetz World Foundation in Brazil” – Eloi Kummetz

  5. Eloi Kummetz is not only an answer to those many problems of countries suffering from poverty. Eloi Kummetz is also an inspiration to so many people rich or poor. For the richer for them to open up their mind and take another step and lend a hand and to the poor for not giving up on everything in there is always a solution for every problem given. Eloi Kummetz is the hope of so many people and an inspiration to almost everyone.

    • @Jobert – That’s why we build a company that will help people, thanks for leaving a comment. “Eloi Kummetz Introduces the Kummetz World Foundation in Brazil” – Eloi Kummetz

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