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Advice from Dan Sciscente: Work Hard, Play Harder

Dan Sciscente

Dan Sciscente

How Dan Sciscente, founder of Communi-T and Professional Project Manager – balances work and play.

Dan Sciscente is a business owner, a family man, and an avid recreationalist who says that he is a better provider for his family when he feels a sense of balance. He is the founder of Communi-T, the world’s most efficient SAP interface software, and a project manager with millions of dollars of successful ventures in his career. So how does Dan Sciscente create a harmonious home-life while running a multifaceted business?


Dan Sciscente says that sleep, although it sounds like a given, is often the most overlooked area in a person’s life – especially when there is so much to fit into 24 hours. Finding a way to rest is one of the best things someone can do to recharge, both professionally and personally, says Dan Sciscente.

Find Good Help

As a business owner, Dan Sciscente knows the value of good employees. He claims that finding someone who is willing to work isn’t the most important aspect in hiring good help. According to Dan Sciscente, willingness doesn’t always equal ability, so it’s vital to wait for the right person. Otherwise, you’ll be spending more time training or even looking for a replacement.

Walk Away

When things get too tough, it’s time to walk, says Dan Sciscente. He doesn’t mean walk for good, but take a moment to look away and then your original issue doesn’t seem so impossible. According to Dan Sciscente, sometimes letting work sit for an hour or so is the best way to gain momentum and then get it done so you can enjoy the rest of your day.

Family Time

Family time without smart phones, tablets, PCs, or any interference from the outside world is paramount to finding balance, says Dan Sciscente. He and his family like to get out on the water and enjoy a day scuttling around boating to local beaches or lounging by the pool.

Alone Time

Often, parents feel guilty for taking a few moments for themselves when they are home, says Dan Sciscente. But, he says, it is necessary in order to ensure you are at your best for both your family and others in your life that rely on you. He enjoys his alone time watching Formula 1 and NASCAR racing, or simply making music in his studio

Dan Sciscente claims that it isn’t always easy to separate your personal life from other aspects but it is necessary in order to achieve balance. Doing so will not only improve your relationships at home but also those in your professional environment as well, concludes Dan Sciscente.

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