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Staff Interview – Scott Sohr Nashville Favorites: Historic East Nashville

Scott Sohr Nashville

According to Scott Sohr, Nashville entrepreneur, taking a trip to his hometown without learning a little bit about its history is like listening to country music without paying attention to the lyrics. In fact, a well-rounded appreciation of Music City may start as early as 1779, which is the year, says Scott Sohr, Nashville was founded. In the following interview, Scott Sohr, a Nashville area resident for the past three decades, talks about one of his favorite historic neighborhoods – East Nashville. Thank you for joining us today.

Scott Sohr, Nashville: It’s my pleasure to be here. Someone recently pointed out that the east side of a city is usually where the artists, musicians, and progressive folks like to hang out. But isn’t it true that East Nashville used to be home to the wealthiest people of Nashville?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Yes, during the historic heyday, East Nashville attracted the city’s wealthiest residents, who built large estates on the bucolic land. What changed that?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Fire, floods and a tornado pushed East Nashville out of favor for decades. When did the revival begin?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: In the 70s, when “urban pioneers” moved into the area and rehabilitated neighborhoods. Are there any remaining historic neighborhoods in East Nashville?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Yes, Edgefield, Lockeland Springs and Eastwood Neighbors provide fine examples of beautifully restored historic homes. What is East Nashville’s greatest appeal today?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: East Nashville is comprised of several residential neighborhoods intermingled with stores, restaurants and endless entertainment venues.  It’s close to downtown as well. Does East Nashville offer many green open spaces?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Absolutely. East Nashville has a number of community parks with wonderful hiking and cycling trails. Can you give us a few examples?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Residents can enjoy Shelby Park, Cumberland Park, Cornelia Fort Airpark, South Inglewood Park, and East Park. What would you say is the most alluring aspect of East Nashville?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: I would say the stable housing market and the incredible home values to be found.  And as I mentioned earlier, it’s close proximity to the downtown area as well as easy interstate access. Give us an idea about how homes are priced in East Nashville…

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Home prices range from the low $100’s to the $500’s plus. What type of designs can you expect to find?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Anything, really. You can find new construction homes, charming cottages, bungalows, and wonderful three story Victorians. How far is East Nashville from downtown Nashville?

Scott Sohr, Nashville:  A quick 10 minute commute puts you right in the middle of downtown Nashville.

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