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Rehak Creative Services on Selecting a B2B Ad Agency

Rehak Creative ServicesAccording to Bob Rehak of Rehak Creative Services, choosing the best B2B advertising agency requires thorough research. Rehak Creative Services offers a comprehensive analysis for each of its clients in order to meet their unique needs. In this interview with Information Nation, Rehak Creative Services founder Bob Rehak explains a few standard criteria for selecting the right advertising agency.

Information Nation: What’s the most important thing for clients to consider with selecting an agency?

Rehak Creative Services: Whether the agency has the resources to deliver the volume of work necessary to handle a client’s workload is the first thing people should look at.

Information Nation: How can this capability be gauged?

Rehak Creative Services: Clients should ask the agency head for a detailed breakdown of who will work on their account.

Information Nation: What about attitude?

Rehak Creative Services: A great point. Businesses must ask the question, “Will the agency be happy working with us?  And vice versa.”

Information Nation: Researching ad agencies sounds like a formidable task.

Rehak Creative Services: Hiring an ad agency is similar to getting engaged.

Information Nation: Interesting analogy.

Rehak Creative Services: It’s not necessarily a lifetime investment, but it might be. We have one client relationship that goes back to 1980.

Information Nation: A positive and affirming relationship should be developed, right?

Rehak Creative Services: As a business, it’s in your best interest to make sure you genuinely like the people with whom you collaborate.

Information Nation: Knowing the industry must be important, too.

Rehak Creative Services: Very much so. Knowledge of the client’s business shortens the learning curve and reduces costs.

Information Nation: How does a client get the best work out of the agency?

Rehak Creative Services: Once an agency is chosen, consistent communication through each phase of the project is paramount. Prompt and frank feedback is crucial on every project.

Information Nation: Is talent diversity an important factor in the agency staff?

Rehak Creative Services: An ad agency must hire professionals with experience in a variety of media, including print, television, trade shows, collateral, radio, etc.

Information Nation: With a variety of skill sets, too.

Rehak Creative Services: Exactly. For example, Rehak Creative Services hires photographers, art directors, interactive specialists, designers and copywriters to handle the different stages of each project.

Information Nation: Sounds like a lot of overhead!

Rehak Creative Services: Whatever the client thinks they may need, the agency should offer it. You want to avoid the not-invented-here syndrome that often happens when you use multiple suppliers.

Information Nation: Where does cost fit into the equation?

Rehak Creative Services: Using one agency for most of the work helps ensure a consistent campaign. Consistency is key to maximizing results. Inconsistency increases the risk of failure. And the cost of failure is far higher than the cost of creative.

Information Nation: How will ad agencies ease this concern?

Rehak Creative Services: Choosing a good ad agency with whom you have good chemistry and a good fit will go a long way toward easing this concern.

Founded in 1994 by renowned advertising and marketing expert Bob Rehak, Rehak Creative Services has served an array of clients such as CompuCom, TransCanada and Halliburton. Rehak Creative Services is the recipient of more than 100 awards and accolades for its innovative work. At Rehak Creative Services, a team of highly dedicated professionals use their experience and expertise in the fields of marketing, advertising and website development. 


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