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An Interview with Matt Schilit
Matt Schilit

An Interview with Matt Schilit

Matt Schilit

Matt Schilit

Matt Schilit is a longtime school administrator, having served as a teacher, assistant principal and principal.  In his current position with the Allendale County School District in South Carolina, Matt Schilit supervises all data, evaluation and testing. Since testing is an integral part of a school’s funding, it is important for school systems to find leaders such at Matt Schilit with extensive experience in the classroom environment.

Recently, Matt Schilit discussed the importance of membership in professional organizations for the current or aspiring school administrator with the staff at Information Nation.

Information Nation: Matt Schilit, why do you believe membership in professional educator associations is so important for school administrators?

Matt Schilit:  School administrators are in the business of education, which holds as one of its key values the axiom that learning is ongoing and never stops.  Membership in professional organizations provide opportunities for school administrators to put that idea into practice and keep honing their professional skills while acquiring new ones as well.  Also, the camaraderie that develops with other professionals is invaluable.

Information Nation: Matt Schilit, which leading organizations do you recommend?

Matt Schilit:  For South Carolina I recommend SCASA (South Carolina Association for School Administrators) and nationally I recommend ASCD, formerly known as the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Information Nation: Matt Schilit, what kind of professional development opportunities are you referring to?

Matt Schilit:  SCASA is currently offering convenient, free webinars in cutting-edge topics such as “Where Neuroscience, Technology, Mathematics and Common Core Intersect.”  There’s another on the Bullying Prevention Initiative being rolled out statewide. ASCD is currently offering seminars and institutes in such helpful topics as addressing common core state educational standards implementation, audits and standard reviews as well as practical issues such as “What Works in the Classroom.”

Information Nation: Matt Schilit, what are some other benefits associated with these memberships?

Matt Schilit:  Members are afforded many discounts on books and online materials for the professional educator with special emphasis on the administrative elements of 21st century educational leadership.

Information Nation: Matt Schilit, can you think of any other reasons why a school administrator would need to join SCASA or ASCD?

Matt Schilit:  Where the classroom, the main office and the Board of Education intersect is the domain of the school administrator.  One of the most helpful aspects of membership in professional organizations is the interaction between individual professionals that takes place in seminars and in social settings.  The practical insights that can be gleaned from such interactions are invaluable.  School administrators have a challenging job to do and this kind of peer support in a non-competitive, collaborative environment is essential for attaining the highest level of accomplishment possible.


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