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Mallory Fleming Embraces the Art of Running
Mallory Fleming

Mallory Fleming Embraces the Art of Running

Mallory Fleming

Mallory Fleming

Mallory Fleming knew she needed a new way to stay in shape when volleyball season was over. After trying a number of different activities, Mallory Fleming finally discovered a form of exercise that fit her lifestyle: running.

Information Nation: Welcome to Information Nation. What have you discovered that makes running a prime physical activity?

Mallory Fleming: Running is one of the quickest ways to burn calories. The average person can burn at least 100 calories for each mile of running. As a stress reliever, running is a great activity after a long day in the classroom.

Information Nation: Should other exercises also be performed?

Mallory Fleming: Some light weightlifting along with abdominal work will complete a balanced workout plan. For supplemental training, exercises such as biking or swimming promote good cardiovascular health.

Information Nation: How can beginners better achieve their goals?

Mallory Fleming: Both a warm-up and a cool down should be incorporated into the routine. A brisk walk or short jog accomplishes this goal.

Information Nation: Why is this necessary?

Mallory Fleming: This before-and-after routine alleviates pressure on the body and allows for blood pressure and heart rate to fall gradually.

Information Nation: What about running technique?

Mallory Fleming: The wrong body form leads to pain in the neck, back, arms and shoulders. Maintain good posture by staying straight and erect. The head should be up and the shoulders level.

Information Nation: What’s a proper schedule?

Mallory Fleming: For the first couple of weeks, runners should keep an easy pace to avoid overdoing it.

Information Nation: Are breathing problems common?

Mallory Fleming: A common issue for runners is side stitches, which can be prevented by a few deep belly breaths. Proper breathing during a run—inhaling through the nose and the mouth—requires some practice.

Information Nation: What other tips are helpful?

Mallory Fleming: By developing a consistent schedule, the risk of illness or injury is reduced. Increase weekly mileage by no more than 10 percent.