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Information Nation Discusses Family Travel

Sometimes traveling with children isn’t the most relaxing thing in the world. However, a little pre-planning can help eliminate a great deal of stress. And Information Nation has some tips on how to avoid problems on the trip – whether it’s by air or car travel.

When flying, using a site such as can help travelers find the best seats. Also, when planning a vacation via air travel, it’s a good idea to book the flight at least six weeks in advance, so hopefully the whole family can sit together. Another good idea for travelers is to utilize social media–even if they aren’t necessarily socially active. For instance, it only takes a few seconds to sign up for Twitter and then start following @airfarewatchdog or @smartertravel. Those sites can help to organize a vacation because they vet out deals and unadvertised airline sales. Also, Saturday mornings tend to be a little cheaper and quieter in airports.

There are new TSA rules that say that children don’t need to remove their shoes at security –a time saver for families. Also, to lower the cost of checked bags remember that each ticket holder gets a carry-on bag, even toddlers. However, strollers must be checked at the gate.

When traveling by car, families should absolutely plan out the trip in advance with something fun scheduled for every stop. That will also help the littlest travelers by maintaining their interest. Again, social media is helpful through sites like Yelp that help families find the best restaurants along their route. Also, there are phone apps that can help travelers find the least expensive gas in the area. You may want to check out of your hotel early in the morning so that the kids won’t be as cranky at the end of the day.

When planning a long car trip, make sure to bring lots of games and videos to keep children entertained. It’s fun to assign children little tasks to keep them involved and excited about the journey. For instance, ask them to plan and help chart destination routes and encourage them to check off points of interest when they visit them. Don’t forget to bring snacks when traveling by car or air, because no one is happy when they have low blood sugar!

Information Nation has one last tip for people traveling by car. Don’t forget to fill up a few days before a holiday. Gas is traditionally the most expensive the day before a big holiday such as the 4th of July or Christmas.

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