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Incredible Discoveries Learns the Secrets to Getting the Body You’ve Always Wanted

Incredible Discoveries Learns the Secrets to Getting the Body You’ve Always Wanted

Looking for your new body?  Are you ready to make your dreams a reality?  You can do it; but you can’t get the body of the future with the equipment of the past.  So, before you spend thousands of dollars on home exercise equipment that ends up holding your laundry or cluttering up your basement. Before you spend thousands on a gym membership you’re never going to use, Incredible Discoveries is going to tell you about a brand new compact home fitness system that will give you the most efficient most powerful most long lasting and versatile work out you have ever experienced. All for less money than anything you’ve ever seen. You’re about to meet the all new Nitroforce Titan 1000. The world’s most powerful home training system.

Incredible Discoveries: The Nitroforce Titan 1000 has just made every other home gym on the market obsolete. You can say goodbye to all those bulky, complicated, unsafe and expensive machines that you’ve seen in the past. Say goodbye to the pricey gym membership you never use. And say goodbye to disappointment. This full body trainer is guaranteed to change your body and to change your life. To find out exactly how we have the inventor of the Nitroforce Titan 1000 with us today on Incredible Discoveries. And his name is Frank Campitelli. Frank welcome to the show.

Frank Campitelli: Hey, hi.

Incredible Discoveries: First question I’m sure everyone wants to know is – How do you get a body like this using a machine so simple like this?

Frank Campitelli: Well, I wanted the machine to be simple.  For the last twenty years, as a trainer, I have worked with multitudes of people. And getting in shape, especially guys, they want to work their chest, they want to work their arms and they want to work their abs.  But they also need to work their back and their legs.

Incredible Discoveries: Ok, what about women. What can they get out of the Titan 1000?

Frank Campitelli: Well to answer that question, here is my partner Debrae Barensfeld.

Incredible Discoveries: Hey Debrae!

Debrae Barensfeld: Hi Incredible Discoveries!

Incredible Discoveries: Welcome to the show!

Debrae Barensfeld: Thank you.

Incredible Discoveries: What can ladies get out of this amazing machine?

Debrae Barensfeld: You know women love to work their lower bodies. And the three most effective exercises for the lower body are squats, dead lifts and leg presses. But we really need to work on our upper body too.  You know women should think more about their posture and they can get a much shapelier figure when they work their body.

Incredible Discoveries: Ok.

Debrae Barensfeld: So here is how they can do that with the Titan 1000.

Incredible Discoveries: This is great.  You can work out every major body part on this one machine. We’re talking chest, back, legs, arms as you see here: shoulders, abs, calves and lower back – all in one machine. That is great.

Frank Campitelli: You got it. On the Nitroforce Titan 1000 you can do over ninety different exercises.

Incredible Discoveries: Whoa.

Debrae Barensfeld: And that gives you so much variety to keep you coming back for more and more every time, especially when you start seeing the leaner sexier body that you can only get from resistance training.

Frank Campitelli: And research is proving that it is resistance training that changes and reshapes your body.  It’s resistance training that raises your metabolism longer. Resistance training that builds and strengthens your bones and strengthens your muscles.

Incredible Discoveries: Ok, that sounds great, guys; but other home gyms do offer resistance training. How can you say that the Nitroforce Titan 1000 is the most important breakthrough in home training equipment in the last fifty years?

Debrae Barensfeld: I can answer that in two words: Nitrogen Gas.

Incredible Discoveries: Nitrogen gas? Alright, we definitely have to explain this one.

Frank Campitelli: Ok.  By harnessing Nitrogen gas and high pressure springs for resistance, they become self-contained tools for resistance.  So, we have been able to create the strongest, lightest, fastest most powerful body shaping tool ever built.

Debrae Barensfeld: We’ve created the first know perfected application of these springs to be used as resistance rather than assistance.

Incredible Discoveries: So basically when you push, they resist?

Frank Campitelli: Exactly. These little shock absorber-looking units have tremendous strength capabilities.  It comes from the high pressure charge of Nitrogen to the seal inside.  Up to 2500 psi, in each spring. My patented Nitroforce technology has no mass, no velocity, no momentum, and excellent control at incredible output forces. The springs work by plunging the shaft into the shock body; thus displacing volume which increases the pressure. That’s why it’s called a spring.

Debrae Barensfeld: So, if you can’t overcome the pressure inside the two, which is completely adjustable based on your needs. It pushes back so if you’re not strong enough to lift that weight it simply won’t move. Just to adjust it you just slide the cuff to change your resistance.

Incredible Discoveries: Man that is fantastic. Now how much resistance can you get from these little springs? I’m guessing a couple hundred pounds?

Frank Campitelli: Haha. Dave these little babies can generate resistance from one pound up to one thousand pounds.

Incredible Discoveries: One thousand pounds? Now were talking like half a ton here. Now only the strongest body builders would be able to move something that heavy.

Debrae Barensfeld: You’re absolutely right. But what it means is that there is enough weight for everyone in between.

Incredible Discoveries: So, I get it. See no matter what kind of resistance that you’re looking for. Whether it’s one pound or several hundred the Nitroforce Titan 1000 can give it to you all in one easy to use, easy to adjust training system.

Frank Campitelli: Right.  It’s a really light machine, also.  I’ll demonstrate, by lifting one end of the machine, using only one of my hands.

Incredible Discoveries: Alright. Whoa! Look at that, now wait a minute I’m confused. How can a machine that creates one thousand pounds of resistance weigh less than I do?

Debrae Barensfeld: That’s because each spring only weighs two pounds. Four springs can generate the force of a thousand pound press without weighing a thousand pounds. So between his patented technology and the sleek compact engineering you’re able to achieve an unsurpassed ten to one output force without putting a giant half ton machine into your house.

Incredible Discoveries: I know exactly what you’re saying. You could put this anywhere, in a house, a condo, an apartment. So, all that force plus the incredible variety of exercise make free weights obsolete.

Frank Campitelli: Yes, but not just free weights. We’re eliminating all the bulky band systems, all the spastic bow systems and all the bungees, all gone, all unnecessary all antiquated.

Incredible Discoveries: All made obsolete by the Nitroforce Titan 1000. For more information on this incredible discovery, visit

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