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Green Water Technologies: Your Water Works Overtime

Green-Water-Technologies-Boy-WaterGreen Water Technologies is a distributor of the Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System by GE. Recently, the staff of Information Nation spoke with the Green Water Technologies team about why “working water” quality is just as important as drinking water.

Information Nation: What is working water?

Green Water Technologies: Working water is all of the water used in the average household for things like bathing, flushing and irrigation.

Information Nation: What percentage of water used in the average home is considered working water?

Green Water Technologies: About 99 percent. Only 1 percent is actually consumed.

Information Nation: What can the average water user do about unpleasant odors in tap water?

Green Water Technologies: Contact a trained professional who can perform a water diagnosis and offer suggestions on ways to eliminate odors, spots or unusual colors in tap water.

Information Nation: Does water quality affect appliance efficiency?

Green Water Technologies: Yes, and an appliance’s lifespan may actually be shortened over time due to hard water use. This is because of mineral deposits left when unconditioned hard water flows through the appliance and it can cause premature rusting and many times heating elements in water-bearing appliances begin to improperly function

Information Nation: How does using conditioned water save energy and money?

Green Water Technologies: Aside from extending the life of your water heater, washing machine, and dishwasher, conditioned water saves money on detergent and maintaining water-consuming appliances.  The removal of the undesirable minerals allows the appliances to freely function without any inhibitors coming from the water.

Information Nation: What effect does conditioned water have on soaps and shampoos?

Green Water Technologies: Hard water may inhibit these products’ lathering capabilities, which leads to overuse.

Information Nation: How does conditioned water keep a home cleaner?

Green Water Technologies: Softened water doesn’t leave scaly buildup on bathtubs, sinks and appliances. This makes it easier to keep the house clean and save money on cleaning products.

Information Nation: Does hard water have any effect on the water heater?

Green Water Technologies: Unconditioned hard water may affect water heaters’ efficiency adversely by leaving mineral deposits that strain the system.

Information Nation: Are tankless water heaters affected?

Green Water Technologies: A study conducted by the Water Quality Association showed that tankless water heaters operating on softened water maintained their original factory efficiency ratings for at least 15 years. Those running on unconditioned hard water failed after just 1.6 years.

Information Nation: How quickly will a showerhead’s water flow be affected when using hard water?

Green Water Technologies: In the Water Quality Association’s study, showerheads tested using hard water lost all but 25 percent of their flow in less than 18 months.

Information Nation: How does hard water affect clothes it comes in contact with?

Green Water Technologies: Over time, towels and clothing washed in unconditioned hard water may become scratchy, hard and uncomfortable and may deteriorate faster.

Information Nation: What effect does unconditioned hard water have on hair and skin?

Green Water Technologies: Unconditioned hard water may result in drier skin that does not feel as clean and fresh as it could after bathing with softened water.  Hair can tend to be more susceptible to split-ends and may require additional attention such as using conditioners.

Information Nation: How can our readers contact Green Water Technologies for more information?

Green Water Technologies: Visit us online at or call (210) 377-0303.

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