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Chuck Brennan on the ‘Heat Is On’ Campaign Benefiting Opportunity Village

Founded in 1998 by Chuck Brennan, Dollar Loan Center has helped many dreams come true by offering short-term loans to viable candidates. Chuck Brennan has expanded Dollar Loan Center into four states with more locations planned in coming years. Dollar Loan Center CEO Chuck Brennan, a South Dakota native who now resides in Las Vegas, NV., recently instituted the “Heat Is On” campaign to benefit the company’s organization Opportunity Village.

Information Nation: What’s the basis of the “Heat Is On” campaign?

Chuck Brennan: The campaign provides $100 each day that the temperature in Las Vegas hits at least 100 degrees. The heat is a bit easier to bear knowing that money is going to such a good cause.

Information Nation: Who benefits from this campaign?

Chuck Brennan: All proceeds will be collected by the Dollar Loan Center to benefit their project Opportunity Village.

Information Nation: What is the Opportunity Village?

Chuck Brennan: The Opportunity Village is the biggest nonprofit organization for citizens with intellectual disabilities in the state of Nevada.

Information Nation: Where are they based?

Chuck Brennan: All activities are directed from their office in Las Vegas, NV.

Information Nation: Tell us how the Opportunity Village serves its constituents.

Chuck Brennan: It offers employment, job training, and other key services and programs so that all community members can lead engaged, productive lives.

Information Nation: Does the program have any partners?

Chuck Brennan: This year’s edition is hosted in partnership with Fox 5 Vegas, the leading news station in Las Vegas.

Information Nation: How successful has this program been?

Chuck Brennan: In its inaugural year last year, the Dollar Loan Center raised more than $15,000.

Information Nation: What is the Dollar Loan Center?

Chuck Brennan: It is an established provider of short-term loans in over 80 locations throughout Nevada, Utah and South Dakota.

Information Nation: Is Dollar Loan Center part of a larger group?

Chuck Brennan: Yes, Dollar Loan Center is part of DLC Empire which is based out of Las Vegas, NV.

Information Nation: Which location has the most amount of traffic?

Chuck Brennan: Probably our oldest location in Las Vegas, NV at Sahara and Jones.

Information Nation: What kind of recognition has Dollar Loan Center received?

Chuck Brennan: Entrepreneur Magazine named Dollar Loan Center on its “Hot 500” list, which identifies the fastest growing businesses and entrepreneurs in the country.

Information Nation: How has Dollar Loan Center made an impact in Las Vegas, NV?

Chuck Brennan: The Company and its leadership have donated their time and money to dozens of charitable groups throughout the state of Nevada in addition to providing over 400 jobs.

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