Sunday , 18 November 2018
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Kelley D. Hamilton Talks about Retirees Returning to College

Kelley D. Hamilton

  Kelley D. Hamilton is Chief Executive Officer and co-owner of Bonaventure Senior Living. Information Nation: Why would anyone choose to return to college after retirement? Kelley D. Hamilton: Ask 10 different senior adults and they will give at least 10 different answers. Information Nation: Such as? Kelley D. Hamilton: Some like to challenge themselves. Some enjoy the college experience. ... Read More »

Four Myths about Spending Cuts

Many analysts believe that the ongoing political discussion regarding automatic spending cuts has complicated the public’s understanding on the issue. Presentation Solutions takes a look at several myths circulating in America. Myth #1: Obama should be blamed for the spending cuts. This idea has been thoroughly discussed and argued by both sides of the aisle.  The dreaded sequester was included ... Read More »

Italian Businessman Aldo Todini Speaks about The Island of Capri

Aldo Todini

The island of Capri has been a luxury retreat since the time of the Roman Republic, explains Aldo Todini. It is home to numerous events including the Capri Art Film Festival, the Capri Tango Festival, and the International Folklore Festival. Capri is a prime tourist destination for both Italian natives and foreign visitors, says Aldo Todini. The island has been ... Read More »

Scott Sohr Discusses the Unique Features of Winterset Woods

Scott Sohr

Scott Sohr, a Middle Tennessee–based developer, owns properties across the Southeastern region of the United States. A self-made entrepreneur, Scott Sohr has focused on properties that offer opportunities for spacious, peaceful neighborhoods and thriving businesses. A Nashville resident, Scott Sohr is particularly proud of several properties located in Middle Tennessee. One of those developments, Winterset Woods, is a promising community ... Read More »

Making Your Life Count – How to Find More Hours in the Day

Life is a real juggling act that requires a lot of personal strength and determination to be successful.  As you probably already know, the most successful people accomplish a lot every day, without becoming overwhelmed and overstressed.  Here are a few tips to help business professionals gain control of life and get ahead. 1:  Prioritize Make daily task lists and ... Read More »

Pete Spittler: How Sustainable Development Can Beat Overpopulation

Pete Spittler

As our planet becomes more populated, architect Pete Spittler believes sustainable development will become more important than ever. Currently, the world population grows by an astounding amount of people every year. Pete Spittler notes that by the year 2025, this means our planet is expected to contain eight billion people—two billion more than there are today. According to Pete Spittler, ... Read More »

Carmack Moving and Storage FAQ – Avoiding Stressful Moves

Carmack Moving and Storage

Are short moves as hard as long? Will I have time to get settled? When should I call a moving company? Carmack Moving and Storage answers these questions and more. Q. What causes moving-related stress? Carmack Moving and Storage: Many people find the task overwhelming and that in and of itself can create anxiety. Q. What can I do to ... Read More »