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Your Dentist May Have the Answer to Relieving Certain Migraine Pain

Migraines are one of the oldest medical conditions afflicting mankind, going back to approximately 3,000 B.C. Famous migraine sufferers include Julius Caesar, Ulysses S. Grant, Thomas Jefferson, Vincent Van Gogh, and Sigmund Freud.

Many theories about the source of migraines and how to treat them have been put forth over the centuries. In early times, the majority of people believed evil spirits were the reason for the malady. Hippocrates, the man considered to be the father of medicine, was the first person to propose that diseases were caused naturally and not because of superstition or the wrath of the gods. Even Hippocrates was unable to offer suitable pain relief for migraines and resorted to prescribing treatments that included placing a hot iron at the site of the pain, inserting garlic into the head via an incision near the temple, and even drilling a hole in the patient’s head. Obviously, none of these methods relieved the headache pain; however, the patient probably forgot all about his or her original headache by the time the procedure was completed.

Migraines today

Millions of Americans suffer from migraine headaches. Scientists have discovered a gene mutation that they say increases a person’s tendency toward migraines. Various triggers have been identified, such as allergies, bright lights, loud noises, odors, etc. The severity and frequency of some migraine headaches can be controlled to an extent, or even eliminated completely, by treating the triggers with certain medications. But triggers don’t always cause migraines and avoiding triggers don’t always prevent migraines.

Recent findings have identified a correlation between certain types of headaches and neuromuscular dentistry Issues. The trigeminal nerve serves as the main input into the brain, and migraines are typically associated with the trigeminal nervous system. Usually the most significant symptom of the temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is a headache.

If someone is experiencing frequent headaches and believes TMD may be causing the headaches, a specially trained neuromuscular dentist can help alleviate headaches related to these symptoms. An accredited neuromuscular specialist can identify the exact problem before treating it.

The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are located in front of the ears on both sides of the head and act like hinges that move the jaws when chewing and talking. Medical problems related to the temporomandibular joint show themselves in multiple symptoms, the most common being headaches. For patients whose migraines or headaches are caused by TMJ, a range of treatment is tailored to the patient’s needs. Along with treating the main cause of problems, neuromuscular dentists work to make the jaw function normally in order to eliminate pain.

Headaches are the most commonly reported medical complaint, but headaches are such a common problem most people don’t take them seriously. If a person experiences frequent or recurring headaches, it’s important to consult an accredited neuromuscular dentist and arrange for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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