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YOR Health Reports: Growing Company Is Changing Lives
YOR Health

YOR Health Reports: Growing Company Is Changing Lives

YOR Health

YOR Health

According to YOR Health, there are an infinite variety of ways for things to grow. There are quick growth spurts; there’s slow and steady growth; there’s growth that exceeds expectations. Generally speaking, any kind of growth is good when it comes to business—but YOR Health isn’t just any business. Not surprisingly, the company’s growth has been exceptional in every way.

YOR Health has tended this business with loving care, as if it were a newborn. And in many ways, that’s exactly what YOR Health is. With only a few years behind it, YOR Health is just getting started. In these early stages of the company’s life, YOR Health has encouraged natural and organic growth. Smartly, they have not tried to rush the process, claiming they wanted to get everything right at the beginning.

YOR Health – Rooted in Reality

This work has paid off. By not taking shortcuts or jumping ahead, YOR Health has become the healthy entity it is today. YOR Health has a world-class product going to market in an industry niche—digestive health—which is growing by leaps and bounds. YOR Health has a satisfied customer base in multiple countries, with much more room for expansion in the years ahead.

YOR Health Independent Representative (IR) numbers are solid, forming a strong platform for the exponential growth expected in the future. In 2011, sales numbers had grown month by month, with each new period breaking a new record. YOR Health is marching towards ever-greater growth, but is doing so responsibly, having prepared the ground ahead.

All companies, including YOR Health, have to focus on numbers to measure growth. But when a business focuses only on numbers to show growth, part of the story is missed.

Behind the growth in customers and products sold, there are countless healthier people whose lives have been improved by the YOR Health product line.

YOR Health’s Strong Foundation

It is because of the diligent efforts of YOR Health IRs that the company is touching more lives through innovative products every day. Behind the growth in the company’s Independent Representative’s numbers, there are numerous people whose lives have been financially improved by YOR Health’s opportunity. The management team at YOR Health is immensely gratified every time it hears of the ways in which their opportunity has allowed ordinary people to turn their lives around. So often, it is not just the individual whose life has been changed, but their families’ lives as well.

YOR Health Branching into Many People’s Lives

The management team knows that as the YOR Health IRs’ bank accounts grow, there are other types of intangible growth that will be harder to measure. These include the “peace of mind” effects that come from not having to worry about finances. YOR Health sincerely wants each IR to remember that, because of his or her commitment to the YOR Health mission, more IRs and their families sleep easier each night and live happier lives during the day.

This is the glowing, healthy body that YOR Health is creating: a body of people who are physically, financially and emotionally in balance.

YOR Health was birthed out of a vision to empower individuals to take control of their personal health, wealth, and well being. The company was founded in 2008 and has since grown to be one of the most popular direct sales companies to health-conscious people across the globe. YOR Health offers premium nutritional products to a diverse, global clientele. YOR Health has grown organically since its inception and is actively changing people’s health and finances and changing lives.

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