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Marketers LLC Describes Essential Elements to Website Success

Marketers LLC has spent years studying website design strategy and putting it to use for clients. Noting that the business world continues to evolve, Marketers LLC believes it’s important for businesses to understand the elements that can help them succeed. According to Marketers LLC, those elements all surround making websites safe and easy for customers to use. Recently, Marketers LLC provided InformationNation tips and tricks for website marketing success.

InformationNation: What’s the first step if my business doesn’t have a website at all?

Marketers LLC: The first step is finding a web hosting company that provides reliable, uninterrupted service. This is essential.

InformationNation: And the second?

Marketers LLC: Securing a domain name that accurately represents your business.

InformationNation: What if my domain name is taken?

Marketers LLC: There are several services that can suggest catchy alternatives to your name, including Panabee.com.

InformationNation: Should I plan my site out before I have it designed?

Marketers LLC: A site map is crucial. Marketers LLC urges our clients to thoroughly map things out before design begins.

InformationNation: Is this to make sure the site has a layout that a visitor can easily understand?

Marketers LLC: Partly. It also helps with SEO, since Google considers site layout when determining site ranking.

InformationNation: Should I include my mission statement on my website?

Marketers LLC: Including a short, informative mission statement is fine, but refrain from posting a long, convoluted statement that users will skim and maybe even skip altogether.

InformationNation: What about samples of our products?

Marketers LLC: For businesses that can illustrate examples of previous work, it can make a huge difference to include a “portfolio” section on a website.

InformationNation: What if I don’t want phone calls from customers? Can I leave that off of the contact section of my site?

Marketers LLC: You can rely solely on e-mail and even instant chat, as long as you commit to responding to every request reliably.

InformationNation: I collect credit card information on my site. What type of security should I offer?

Marketers LLC: Good SSL encryption is a basic requirement of any site that offers online shopping. Sites like VeriSign and Entrust can provide this service for you.

InformationNation: I have a social media site. Is it important to include a link to that site on my business page?

Marketers LLC: Yes, you should link to all social media sites and websites on each of your pages to increase visibility.

InformationNation: More people are using smartphones and tablets now. Should I address that?

Marketers LLC: It’s more important than ever that your site be completely functional across all platforms.

InformationNation: Should my site incorporate Flash?

Marketers LLC: It’s best if you leave Flash off your site altogether. In today’s mobile environment, you may find your site doesn’t work at all on most devices and it just doesn’t give the customers what they want—information.

InformationNation: What about launching an informational video on my main page?

Marketers LLC: If you have a video or music on your main page, make the video launch in “pause” mode and invite visitors to view it if they are interested.

Marketers LLC is based in Phoenix, Arizona, where it provides clients with a full range of marketing and business development services. With years of experience, Marketers LLC is poised to help businesses explore the ever-changing world of web design.


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