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Instant Tax Solutions Explains How Taxpayers Can Pay in Installments
Instant Tax Solutions

Instant Tax Solutions Explains How Taxpayers Can Pay in Installments

Instant Tax Solutions

Instant Tax Solutions

As with any debt you owe, your tax debt can be negotiated. Instant Tax Solutions has a staff of former IRS agents, tax attorneys, and accountants ready to work with the IRS on your behalf. As Instant Tax Solutions explains, it is to the IRS’s benefit to work out a payment plan with taxpayers. By allowing the taxpayer to pay off tax debt in installments, the IRS is able to get the money over time.

Instant Tax Solutions says complaints to the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility in Washington, DC, may be made about attorneys, actuaries agents, accountants or retirement plan agents dealing with the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service, says Instant Tax Solutions, has complaints about how many people have contacted the Office of Professional Responsibility about agent status and other issues that their office does not handle. The OPR does not maintain records of the enrollment status of any agent. According to Instant Tax Solutions complaints, questions, and concerns about subpoenas or court orders for client records may be made to the Associate Chief Counsel at 202 – 622 – 3400. The Office of Professional Responsibility, says Instant Tax Solutions, handles complaints about neglect, malpractice and ill intended agents only.


A binding legal agreement between the IRS and the taxpayer, installment plans come in several different types. Instant Tax Solutions helps the taxpayer find an agreement that is beneficial to his or her individual financial needs. The first step in setting up installments is to fill out the proper paperwork, starting with form 433-A, which collects information on your particular financial situation. Form 9465, which is the Installment Agreement Request, will also need to be completed and submitted. Upon submission, the taxpayer will generally receive a response from the IRS within thirty days.

Unenrolled Tax Preparers: Instant Tax Solutions says complaints may be made to the IRS

Tax agents not enrolled with the IRS may, according to Instant Tax Solutions, have complaints filed against them with the IRS. Instant Tax Solutions says that if you have an issue with an unenrolled tax agent, you may contact the IRS with your complaints. Instant Tax Solutions notes encourages taxpayers to come forward with issues. According to Instant Tax Solutions, complaints can be helpful because as more individuals speak up, the mal intended agency is less likely to target more individuals.


Once the IRS responds, the taxpayer should consult with a seasoned tax professional to review the options presented. There are several possibilities, according to Instant Tax Solutions, including the news that the taxpayer qualifies for installment payments. Other options include a reduction of the debt the taxpayer owes, an abatement of any penalties the taxpayer owes, or even forgiveness of the taxpayer’s tax debt.

Instant Tax Solutions says complaints fielded to the Better Business Bureau regarding workplace disputes, health and legal services, or discrimination are not answered as the BBB considers these legal matters and outside of their jurisdiction. According to Instant Tax Solutions, complaints are generally responded to within 14 days, noting that complaints to Instant Tax Solutions are always handled with speed and that Instant Tax Solutions strives for 100% client satisfaction.


“While the process can be difficult to understand, a tax professional can explain it in detail,” Instant Tax Solutions explains. If installment payments are offered, the taxpayer may have a variety of options for payment. The taxpayer may choose to have the money debited electronically or to mail a check, Instant Tax Solutions notes. The taxpayer may even choose to personally drop the payment off at his or her local tax office or have the wages deducted from his or her paycheck.

Instant Tax Solutions says complaints about tax agencies can also be directed to the Better Business Bureau. To file a complaint, Instant Tax Solutions says to contact your local BBB branch. The BBB will then request response from the business for which you’re filing the complaint. Instant Tax Solutions has limited experience responding to complaints fielded through the Better Business Bureau. Historically, the firm has only received a handful of complaints and even fewer where the client felt compelled to contact the BBB. All Instant Tax Solutions complaints that have been directed to the Better Business Bureau are now considered resolved favorably.


Instant Tax Solutions emphasizes the importance of sticking to the agreement. Since the installment agreement is legally binding, the consequences of breaking it could be dire. The tax consultants at Instant Tax Solutions can help you make sure your installment agreement is one you will easily be able to honor.

Report: Instant Tax Solutions complaints fielded to the Better Business Bureau have all been resolved with a favorable response and clients satisfied, says Byron Pedersen, co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints that were received by the Better Business Bureau were apparently misunderstandings by the client, according to Pedersen. And, says Instant Tax Solutions, the complaints were closed in far less than the Better Business Bureau’s usual 30 business days. In each instance of the Instant Tax Solutions complaint the Better Business Bureau found no wrongdoing by the firm.



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