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CWD Construction Founder Chuck Dohm Spends Time on the Speedway

CWD Construction

CWD Construction

CWD Construction’s Chuck Dohm loves spending time on the speedway. For the co-founder of CWD Construction, racing is a family affair. Chuck’s son, Casey, has competed alongside Chuck for years, making racing a competitive family sport.

Bob, who works with Chuck at CWD Construction, watches from the sidelines as his son and grandson race. The love for racing has brought the men in the Dohm family together, with Casey beginning the hobby in fifth grade. Casey first began racing a go-kart, as did his dad, with the co-founder of CWD Construction joining his son on a dirt track near his home.

Initially purchased as a way to build common ground between the CWD Construction co-founder and his son, the go-karts were the beginnings of a new-shared love. Both Chuck and his son discovered they enjoyed racing so much that they decided to pursue it further.

CWD Construction co-founder Chuck is proud of his son Casey, who won the Summer Shootout Championship at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in the Legend’s Series Semi-Pro division. He was only 19 when he won the championship, the CWD Construction owner relates, and the win helped Casey make a name for himself in the racing world.

The successful homebuilder is actually a former championship racer himself. Chuck won the 2003 Masters Division championship series, held at Concord Speedway. While the CWD Construction owner is proud of his son, both Casey & Chuck progressed from racing go-karts to competitive racing of Legend cars in a matter of three years.

While the founder of CWD Construction admits racing can be nerve-wracking, especially when watching his own son race around the track, he also notes that the sport has many benefits. Whether someone is a spectator or competitor, the CWD Construction co-founder notes, racing provides clean family fun. The sport also provides great role models, CWD Construction’s Chuck Dohm points out, noting that children nationwide idolize many of the sport’s heroes.

In addition to his love for racing as a sport, CWD Construction’s Chuck Dohm is a car enthusiast. The CWD Construction co-founder loves to take his fast street cars out to the track. By racing them on the open track, the CWD Construction co-founder says, he can get an idea for each car’s potential.

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